1931 -

Writing as: Tom Ardies, Jack Trolley

Tom Ardies was a parliamentary correspondent and columnist for the Vancouver Sun during the 60's. In the 70's he wrote several suspence thrillers, the first three being the Charles Sparrow series. A later book, Kosygin Is Coming, was turned into a movie called Russian Roulette starring George Segal and Denholm Elliott.

Series Books
Tom Ardies
Charlie Sparrow Their Man In The White House (1971)
  This Suitcase Is Going To Explode (1972)
  Pandemic (1973)
Other Kosygin Is Coming aka Russian Roulette (1974)
  In A Lady's Service (1976)
  Palm Springs (1978)
Jack Trolley
Other Balboa Firefly (1994)
  Manila Time (1995)
  Juarez Justice (1996)
  La Jolla Spindrift (1998)