1930 - 1997

Writing as: Jack M. Bickham, John Miles, Arthur Williams

A very prolific author, Jack Bickham wrote in a variety of genres besides the spy mystery that his Brad Smith falls into. In addition to his many, many works of fiction, he also penned several instructional books on the art of fiction writing. He was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1930 but spent most of his adult like as a professor of journalism in at a university in Norman, Oklahoma.

Series Books
Jack M. Bickham
Brad Smith Tiebreaker (1989)
  Dropshot (1990)
  Overhead (1991)
  Breakfast At Wimbledon (1991)
  Double Fault (1993)
  The Davis Cup Conspiracy (1994)
Other Gunman's Gamble (1958)
  Feud Fury (1959)
  Killer's Paradise (1959)
  The Useless Gun (1960)
  Hangman's Territory (1961)
  Gunmen Can't Hide (1961)
  Wanted: Wildcat O'Shea (1966)
  The Padre Must Die (1967)
  The War on Charity Ross (1967)
  Target: Charity Ross (1968)
  Watch Out For Wildcat (1968)
  The Shadowed Faith (1968)
  Decker's Campaign (1970)
  Ambush Vengeance (1971)
  Sheriff's Campaign (1971)
  The Apple Dumpling Gang (1971)
  Jilly's Canal (1971)
  Goin' (1971)
  Dopey Dan (1972)
  The Night Hunters (1973)
  The Blackmailer (1974)
  Emerald Canyon (1974)
  The Silver Bullet Gang (1974)
  Texas Challenge (1974)
  Operation Nightfall (1975)
  A Boat Named Death (1975)
  Showdown at Emerald Canyon (1975)
  Baker's Hawk (1976)
  The Winemakers (1977)
  Twister (1977)
  The Excalibur Disaster (1979)
  Katie, Kelly and Heck (1980)
  Dinah, Blow Your Horn (1980)
  Regensburg Legacy (1981)
  All the Days Were Summer (1981)
  I Still Dream About Columbus (1982)
  Killer's Choice (1982)
  Wildcat's Revenge (1983)
  Wildcat's Claim To Fame (1983)
  Ariel (1984)
  Miracleworker (1987)
  Day Seven (1988)
  Murder at Oklahoma (1998)
John Miles
Other Dally with a Deadly Doll (1961)
  The Night Hunters (1973)
  The Blackmailer (1974)
  The Silver Bullet Gang (1974)
  Operation Nightfall (1975)
  A Permanent Retirement (1992)
  Murder in Retirement (1994)
  A Most Deadly Retirement (1995)
  Tenoclock Scholar (1995)
Arthur Williams
Other Missing At Tenoclock (1994)