1927 - 2011

Writing as: Jimmy Sangster

In addition to penning his spy novels, Jimmy Sangster was a very accomplished man in the British film industry. Born in Kinmel Bay, Wales, to an estate agent, Sangster attended school and then served a stint in the RAF. Afterwards, he got a job working in films, starting at the grunt level and moving his way up. It was as a production manager that he was given the chance to write scripts and screenplays and his early with in colloboration with others that helped put Hammer Films on a solid footing with the reintroduction of Frankenstein and Dracula movies, especially the terrific pairing of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Series Books
John Smith (1967) Private I (1967)
  Foreign Exchange (1972)
Katy Touchfeather Touchfeather (1969)
  Touchfeather, Too (1970)