1923 - 1983

Writing as: Desmond Bagley

A popular writer who specialized in adventure novels, Mr. Bagley was considered one of a trio, along with Alistair MacLean and Hammond Innes, who established what was then the modern thriller. A former journalist, he had traveled extensively around Africa and knew well the areas he had placed his plots. He lived for many years in South Africa where he worked as a film critic while also starting his novel writing career. He penned 16 books, four of which were turned into movies.

Series Books
Slade Running Blind (1970)
  The Freedom Trap (1971)
Other The Golden Keel (1962)
  High Citadel (1965)
  Wyatt's Hurricane (1966)
  Landslide (1967)
  The Vivero Letter (1968)
  The Spoilers (1969)
  The Tightrope Men (1973)
  The Snow Tiger (1975)
  The Enemy (1977)
  Flyaway (1978)
  Bahama Crisis (1980)
  Windfall (1982)
  Night Of Error (1984)
  Juggernaut (1985)