1921 - 2003

Writing as: Brian Cleeve

Born in Essex, England, Brian Cleeve was the son of an Irish-Canadian father and an English mother. He grew up largely in boarding schools, finishing his education at Oxford from which he ran away at age 17 to go to sea. He worked in a variety of jobs for the next fifteen years, including a private soldier. During WWII he was commissioned in the Royal Army and sent to Kenya but when he objected to the treatment of a prisoner he was court-martialed and spent time in prison in Yorkshire. He was offered a chance at parole if he would work with British Intelligence and the last days of the War saw him in that capacity in Portugal and Spain. After the War he married and moved to South Africa for work but after several years of protesting apartheid, he was ejected. Heading to Ireland, he begane a new career in the television business as a producer, writer, and presenter.

Series Books
Sean Ryan Counterspy (1964)
  Dark Blood, Dark Terror (1965)
  Vice Isn't Private (1966)
  Violent Death Of A Bitter Englishman (1967)
Other The Far Hills (1952)
  Portrait of My City (1953)
  Birth of a Dark Soul aka The Night Winds (1954)
  Assignment to Vengeance (1961)
  Death of a Painted Lady (1962)
  Death of a Wicked Servant (1963)
  You Must Never Go Back (1968)
  Exit from Prague aka Escape from Prague (1970)
  Cry of Morning aka The Triumph of O'Rourke (1971)
  Tread Softly in this Place (1972)
  The Dark Side of the Sun (1973)
  A Question of Inheritance aka For Love of Crannagh Castle (1974)
  Sara (1975)
  Kate (1977)
  Judith (1978)
  Hester (1978)
  A Woman of Fortune (1993)