1907 - 1993

Writing as: William Haggard

British civil servant and author Richard Henry Michael Clayton was born in Croyden, England. After his education at Oxford ended, he started his long career in the civil service, first being posted to India. While there he eventually worked to a position of judge. As WWII came, Clayton served in the British Indian army for six years. When that ended, he returned to England and took a position with the Board of Trade. He stayed there until his retirement, at which time he took up writing full time, having already had numerous novels published.

Series Books
Charles Russell Slow Burner (1958)
  Venetian Blind (1959)
  The Arena (1961)
  The Unquiet Sleep (1962)
  The High Wire (1963)
  The Antagonists (1964)
  The Hard Sell (1965)
  The Powder Barrel (1965)
  The Power House (1966)
  The Conspirators (1967)
  A Cool Day For Killing (1968)
  The Doubtful Disciple (1969)
  The Hardliners (1970)
  Too Many Enemies (1971)
  Notch On The Knife (1973)
  The Scorpion's Tail (1975)
  Yesterday's Enemy (1976)
  Poison People (1977)
  Visa To Limbo (1978)
  The Median Line (1979)
  The Money Men (1981)
  The Mischief Makers (1982)
  The Heirloom (1983)
  The Need To Know (1984)
  The Meritocrats (1985)
  The Vendettists (1990)
William Smith The Mischief Makers (1982)
  The Need To Know (1984)
  The Martello Tower (1986)
  The Diplomatist (1987)
Other The Telemann Touch (1958)
  Closed Circuit (1960)
  The Protectors [Paul Martiny] (1972)
  The Kinsmen [Paul Martiny] (1974)
  The Expatriots (1989)