1918 -

Writing as: James Aldridge

A resident of Australia, Mr. Aldridge was an accomplished writer and journalist who works were followed around the world during WWII. A strong advocate for peace, he won numerous awards for his services to that cause. He certainly did not specialize when it came to his writing choices for the author of nearly thirty novels also wrote short stories, plays, televisions scripts, and even magazine articles.

Series Books
Rupert Royce The Captive In The Land (1963)
  The Statesman's Game (1966)
Other The Diplomat (1949)
  The Hunter (1950)
  Heroes of the Empty View (1954)
  Signed With Their Honour (1954)
  Undersea Hunting for Inexperienced Englishmen (1955)
  I Wish He Would Not Die (1957)
  The Last Exile (1961)
  My Brother Tom (1966)
  The Flying 19 (1966)
  Sea Eagle (1971)
  Sporting Proposition (1973)
  Mockery In Arms (1974)
  The Marvelous Mongolian (1974)
  Of Many Men (1974)
  The Untouchable Juli (1975)
  Ride A Wild Pony (1976)
  One Last Glimpse (1977)
  Goodbye Un-America (1979)
  The Broken Saddle (1982)
  The True Story of Lilli Stubeck (1986)
  The True Story of Spit MacPhee (1986)
  The True Story of Lola Mackellar (1992)
  The Girl From The Sea (2003)
  The Wings Of Kitty St. Clair (2006)