1907 - 1985

Writing as: Helen MacInnes

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, she earned a degree from the University there in French and German. She extended her studies to include librarianship and got a job in London. Her husband, Gilbert Highet, was a classics scholar and he traveled all over Europe in his studies with his wife as a translator. He was also a spy for MI6 which gave her unique insights into how they operated.

Series Books
Robert Renwick Prelude To Terror (1978)
  The Hidden Target (1980)
  Cloak Of Darkness (1982)
Other Above Suspicion (1941)
  Assignment in Brittany (1942)
  The Unconquerable (1944)
  Horizon (1945)
  Friends and Lovers (1947)
  Rest and Be Thankful (1949)
  Neither Five Nor Three (1951)
  I and My True Love (1953)
  Pray for a Brave Heart (1955)
  North from Rome (1958)
  Decision at Delphi (1960)
  The Venetian Affair (1963)
  Home Is the Hunter (1964)
  The Double Image (1966)
  The Salzburg Connection (1968)
  Message from M├ílaga (1971)
  The Snare of the Hunter (1974)
  Agent in Place (1976)
  Ride a Pale Horse (1984)