1925 - 1991

Writing as: William Arthur, W. Howard Baker, W. A. Ballinger, Desmond Reid, Peter Saxon

Specializing in action noir, William Arthur Howard Baker got his break writing for the Sexton Blake series of detective thrillers in the mid 50's, eventually becoming an editor. He reused many of the plots from this popular set of stories for his own spy series. A penname of his was Peter Saxon.

Series Books
William Arthur
Other Murder With Variety [Sexton Blake] (1957)
W. Howard Baker
John Drake Departure Deferred (1965)
  Storm Over Rockall (1965)
Richard Quintain Treason By Truth (1964)
  Take Death For A Lover (1964)
  Unfriendly Persuasion (1964)
  No Place For Strangers (1965)
  Cry From The Dark (1965)
  Strike North (1965)
  Traitor! (1965)
  The Rape Of Berlin (1965)
  The Inexpendable (1966)
  Drums of the Dark Gods (1966)
  Night Of The Wolf (1967)
  The Dead and The Damned (1967)
  The Dirty Game (1967)
  The Judas Diary (1967)
  The Girl In Asses' Milk (1967)
  The Charge Is Treason (1968)
  The Treasure Hunters (1970)
Other Battle Song [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Cry from the Dark [?Richard Quintain?] (1956)
  Dark Mambo [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Appointment with Danger [Sexton Blake] (1958)
  The Angry Night aka Fire Over India [Sexton Blake] (1960)
  The Big Smear [Sexton Blake] (1962)
  The Big Steal (1964)
  The Cellar Boys (1965)
  Blood Trail aka Eye of the Storm (1966)
  The Dead and the Damned [?Richard Quintain?] (1967)
  Brussels Dossier (1968)
Desmond Reid
Other Death on a High Note [Sexton Blake] Revision (1962)
  Cult of Darkness [Sexton Blake] Revision (1963)
Peter Saxon
Other Woman of Saigon [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Danger Ahead [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Front Page Woman [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Decoy for Murder [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  Flight Into Fear [Sexton Blake] (1956)
  The Last Days of Berlin [Sexton Blake] (1957)
  The Violent Hours [Sexton Blake] (1957)
  Act of Violence [Sexton Blake] (1957)
  The Naked Blade [Sexton Blake] (1958)
  The Sea Tigers [Sexton Blake] (1958)
  The Voodoo Drum [Sexton Blake] (1958)
  A Cry in the Night [Sexton Blake] (1959)
  The Violent Ones [Sexton Blake] (1959)
  Lovely-But Lethal! [Sexton Blake] (1961)
  Vengeance Is Ours! [Sexton Blake] (1965)
  The Darkest Night [Sexton Blake] (1966)
  This Spy Must Die [Sexton Blake] (1967)
  The Torturer [Sexton Blake] (1967)
  Dark Ways to Death [Sexton Blake] (1968)
  Black Honey [Sexton Blake] (1968)
  The Haunting of Alan Mais [Sexton Blake] (1970)
  The Killing Bone [Sexton Blake] (1970)
  Vampire‚Äôs Moon [Sexton Blake] (1972)