1920 - 1995

Writing as: Mansell Black, Trevor Burgess, Trevor Dudley-Smith, Roger Fitzalan, Adam Hall, Howard North, Warwick Scott, Caesar Smith, Lesley Stone

A brilliant author no matter which name he used or which genre he wrote in, Elleston Trevor continually provided his readers with terrific plots, fascinating characters, and enough atmosphere to feel the heat of the Sahara or the frigid cold of northern Russia. He was born Trevor Dudley-Smith in Bromley, Kent, England, but chose to change his name to one of his pseudonyms. For a while during his writing period he lived in Spain and France but eventually decided on the States and moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

Series Books
Mansell Black
Other Dead on Course (1951)
  Sinister Cargo (1951)
  Shadow of Evil (1953)
  Steps in the Dark (1954)
Trevor Burgess
Other A Spy at Monk's Court [Children's Books] (1949)
  Mystery of the Missing Book [Children's Books] (1950)
  The Racing Wraith [Children's Books] (1953)
Trevor Dudley-Smith
Other Over the Wall (1943)
  Into the Happy Glade [Children's Books] (1943)
  Double Who Double Crossed (1944)
  By a Silver Stream [Children's Books] (1944)
  Escape to Fear (1948)
  Now Try the Morgue (1948)
Roger Fitzalan
Other A Blaze of Arms (1967)
Adam Hall
Quiller The Quiller Memorandum (1965)
  The Ninth Directive (1966)
  The Striker Portfolio (1969)
  The Warsaw Document (1971)
  The Tango Briefing (1973)
  The Mandarin Cypher (1975)
  The Kobra Manifesto (1976)
  The Sinkiang Executive (1978)
  The Scorpion Signal (1980)
  The Peking Target (1982)
  Quiller (1985)
  Last Rites (ss) (1986)
  Quiller's Run (1988)
  Quiller KGB (1989)
  Quiller Barracuda (1990)
  Quiller Bamboo (1991)
  Quiller Solitaire (1992)
  Quiller Meridian (1993)
  Quiller Salamander (1994)
  Quiller Balalaika (1996)
Other Wumpus [Children's Books] (1945)
  Deep Wood [Children's Books] (1945)
  Heather Hill [Children's Books] (1946)
  The Immortal Error (1946)
  More about Wumpus [Children's Books] (1947)
  Where's Wumpus [Children's Books] (1948)
  The Wizard of the Wood [Children's Books] (1948)
  Badger's Beech [Children's Books] (1948)
  The Secret Travellers [Children's Books] (1948)
  The Island of the Pines [Children's Books] (1948)
  Badger's Moon [Children's Books] (1949)
  Ant's Castle [Children's Books] (1949)
  Chorus of Echoes (1950)
  Knight Sinister (1951)
  Mole's Castle [Children's Books] (1951)
  Sweethallow Valley [Children's Books] (1951)
  Challenge of the Firebrand [Children's Books] (1951)
  Secret Arena [Children's Books] (1951)
  Tiger Street (1951)
  Redfern's Miracle (1951)
  Queen in Danger (1952)
  A Blaze of Roses (1952 (UK as The Fire)
  The Passion and the Pity (1953)
  Bishop in Check (1953)
  Pawn in Jeopardy (1954)
  Forbidden Kingdom [Children's Books] (1955)
  Squadron Airborne (1955)
  The Big Pick-Up (1955)
  Dead Circuit (1955)
  Gale Force (1956)
  The Killing Ground (1956)
  The Pillars of Midnight (1957)
  Dead Sequence (1957)
  Badger's Wood [Children's Books] (1958)
  Dream of Death (1958)
  The Last of the Daylight [Play] (1959)
  The V.I.P. (1959)
  Green Glade [Children's Books] (1959)
  The Crystal City [Children's Books] (1959)
  Silhouette (1959)
  The Mind of Max Duvine (1960)
  The Billboard Madonna (1960)
  Murder by All Means (1960)
  The Burning Shore (1961 (US as The Pasa)
  The Volcanoes of San Domingo (1963)
  Squirrel's Island [Children's Books] (1963)
  The Search (1963)
  The Flight of the Phoenix (1964)
  Weave a Rope of Sand (1965)
  The Second Chance (1965)
  The Shoot (1966)
  The Freebooters (1967)
  A Place for the Wicked (1968)
  Bury Him Among Kings (1970)
  A Pinch of Purple (1971)
  A Touch of Purple (1972)
  Just Before Dawn (1972)
  The Chipmunks of Willow Wood [Children's Books] (1975)
  The Paragon (1975 (US as Night St)
  Seven Witnesses (1977)
  Blue Jay Summer (1977)
  The Theta Syndrome (1977)
  The Damocles Sword (1981)
  The Penthouse (1983)
  Deathwatch (1984)
  Flycatcher (1994)
  The Sister (1994)
Howard North
Other Expressway, 1973 (1973)
Warwick Scott
Other Image in the Dust (1951)
  The Domesday Story (1952)
  Naked Canvas (1954)
Caesar Smith
Other Heat Wave (1957)
Lesley Stone
Other Siren Song (1985)
  Riviera Story, 1987 (1987)