1889 - 1974

Writing as: Ann Bridge

Born Mary Dolling Sanders in Hertfordshire, Mary O'Malley was 24 when she married Owen O'Malley, a young member of the British Diplomatic Service. Together, they travelled the world and lived in numerous countries as part of his work. This greatly aided the budding writer and gave her tales of adventures in far off places the authenticity that most such books lacked. She wrote a considerable number of romantic novels as well as a handful of non-fiction pieces during her writing career, though how she found the time with three children and assisting her soon to be knighted husband in their diplomatic work, is a mystery. Her most famous creation was the young and adventurous Julia Probyn, a character she did not conceive until she was in her 60s.

Series Books
Julia Probyn The Light-Hearted Quest (1956)
  The Portuguese Escape (1958)
  Numbered Account (1960)
  The Dangerous Islands (1963)
  Emergency In The Pyrenees (1965)
  The Episode At Toledo (1966)
  The Malady In Madeira (1970)
  Julia In Ireland (1972)
Other Peking Picnic (1932)
  The Ginger Griffin (1934)
  Illyrian Spring (1935)
  Enchanter's Nightshade (1937)
  Four-Part Setting (1938)
  A Place to Stand (1940)
  Fontier Passage (1942)
  Frontier Passage (1942)
  Singing Waters (1943)
  And Then You Came (1948)
  The House At Kilmartin (1951)
  The Dark Moment (1951)
  A Family of Two Worlds: A Portrait of Her Mother (1955)
  The Tightening String (1962)
  Permission to Resign (1971)