1923 - 2012

Writing as: Dorothy Gilman

Dorothy Gilman was born in New Jersey but attended the University of Pennsylvania. She started writing as a child but got her professional beginning under her married name of Butters creating children's books in the late 40s. She was made a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of Ameria in 2010.

Series Books
Emily Pollifax The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (1966)
  The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax (1970)
  The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax (1971)
  A Palm For Mrs. Pollifax (1973)
  Mrs. Pollifax On Safari (1976)
  Mrs. Pollifax On The China Station (1983)
  Mrs. Pollifax And The Hong Kong Buddha (1985)
  Mrs. Pollifax And The Golden Triangle (1988)
  Mrs. Pollifax And The Whirling Dervis (1990)
  Mrs. Pollifax And The Second Thief (1993)
  Mrs. Pollifax Pursued (1995)
  Mrs. Pollifax And The Lion Killer (1996)
  Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist (1997)
  Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled (2000)
Other Enchanted Caravan (1949)
  Carnival Gypsy (1950)
  Ragamuffin Alley (1951)
  The Calico Year (1953)
  Four Party Line (1954)
  Papa Dolphin’s Table (1955)
  Girl in Buckskin (1956)
  Heartbreak Street (1958)
  Witch’s Silver (1959)
  Masquerade aka Heart's Design (1961)
  The Bells of Freedom (1963)
  Ten Leagues to Boston Town (1963)
  Uncertain Voyage (1967)
  Clairvoyant Countess (1975)
  A Nun in the Closet (1975)
  A New Kind of Country (1978)
  The Tightrope Walker (1979)
  The Maze in the Heart of the Castle (1983)
  Incident at Badamya (1989)
  Caravan (1992)
  Thale's Folly (1999)
  Kaleidoscope (2002)