1941 - 2012

Writing as: Joe Gash, Bill Granger, Bill Griffith

Mr Granger was a reporter, first and foremost, having worked as one over four decades, serving such notable organizations as the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily Herald, and the UPI. He wrote under his own name as well as two pseudonyms, Joe Gash and Bill Griffiths, providing the world with excellent spy thrillers in addition to captivating police proceduals set in the city he knew so well, Chicago.

Series Books
Joe Gash
Other Priestly Murders (1984)
  Newspaper Murders (1987)
Bill Granger
Devereaux The November Man (1979)
  Schism (1981)
  The Shattered Eye (1982)
  The British Cross (1983)
  The Zurich Numbers (1984)
  Hemingway's Notebook (1986)
  There Are No Spies (1986)
  The Infant Of Prague (1987)
  Henry McGee Is Not Dead (1988)
  The Man Who Heard Too Much (1989)
  League Of Terror (1990)
  The Last Good German (1991)
  Burning The Apostle (1993)
Other Public Murders [Terry Flynn] (1980)
  Sweeps (1980)
  Queen’s Crossing (1982)
  The El Murders (1987)
  Drover [Jimmy Drover] (1991)
  Drover and the Zebras [Jimmy Drover] (1992)
  Drover and the Designated Hitter [Jimmy Drover] (1994)
Bill Griffith
Other Time for Frankie Coolin (1982)