1936 -

Writing as: Harry Asher, Jonathan Evans, Brian Freemantle, John Maxwell, Jack Winchester


Series Books
Harry Asher
Other The Profiler aka Mind / Reader (1997)
  The Predators (1998)
Jonathan Evans
Other Misfire aka Target (1980)
  The Midas Men aka The Sagomi Gambit aka Gold (1981)
  Chairman of the Board aka Takeover aka At Any Price (1982)
  Monopoly aka Kremlin Correction aka Kremlin Conspiracy (1984)
  The Laundryman aka Dirty White (1985)
Brian Freemantle
Charlie Muffin Charlie M (1977)
  Here Comes Charlie M (1978)
  The Inscrutable Charlie Muffin (1979)
  Charlie Muffin U.S.A. (1980)
  Madrigal For Charlie Muffin (1981)
  The Blind Run (1986)
  See Charlie Run (1987)
  The Run Around (1989)
  Comrade Charlie (1989)
  Charlie's Apprentice (1993)
  Bomb Grade (1996)
  Dead Men Living (1999)
  Kings Of Many Castles (2003)
  Red Star Rising (2010)
  Red Star Burning (2012)
  Red Star Falling (2013)
Other The Touchables (1969)
  Goodbye to an Old Friend (1973)
  Face Me When You Walk Away (1974)
  The Man Who Wanted Tomorrow (1975)
  The November Man (1976)
  The Kremlin Kiss aka The Lost American (1984)
  Rules Of Engagement aka The Vietnam Legacy (1984)
  The Fifth Day of Every Month (1986)
  The Bearpit (1988)
  Betrayals (1989)
  The Factory [Samuel Bell] (1990)
  O'Farrell's Law (1990)
  Little Grey Mice (1991)
  The Kremlin Conspiracy (1997)
  Washington White (1999)
  Ice Age (2002)
  Two Women (2003)
  The Holmes Inheritance [Sebastian Holmes] (2004)
  Dead End (2004)
  The Holmes Factor [Sebastian Holmes] (2005)
  Time to Kill (2006)
  The Namedropper (2007)
John Maxwell
Other H.M.S. Bounty aka Hell's Paradise (1977)
  The Mary Celeste (1979)
Jack Winchester
Other The Solitary Man aka The Iron Cage (1980)
  Deaken's War (1982)
  The Choice of Eddie Franks aka To Save a Son (1986)