1926 - 2010

Writing as: Sean O'Shea, Robert Tralins

A phenomenally prolific writer, Mr. Tralins published over 250 books in his life, either under his own name or under a dozen different pseudonyms. The genres were widely spread with sexploitation books like the Valentine Flynn stories, science fiction like Android Armageddon, non-fiction treatises on life after death and salesmanship, and, of course, spy fiction. Fairly early in his career, the transcriptions of an infamous Miami madame were banned in Florida and the ban was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court where it was overturned (Tralins v. Gerstein) making Mr. Tralins the only author in this collection to have a Supreme Court case named after him. Not too long after this, in an item Mr. Tralins wrote about the former leader of Egypt, King Farouk, being in Miami which the King pronounced a lie, leading to a lawsuit which Tralins won.

Series Books
Sean O'Shea
Valentine Flynn What A Way To Go! (1966)
  Win With Sin (1967)
  The Nymph Island Affair (1967)
  Invasion Of The Nymphomaniacs (1967)
  Operation Boudoir (1967)
  The Topless Kitties (1968)
Robert Tralins
Jack Lund Signal: Intruder (1991)
  Signal: Blackbird (1992)
The Miss From S.I.S. The Miss From S.I.S. (1966)
  The Chic Chick Spy (1966)
  Ring-A-Ding UFOs (1967)