1917 - 1985

Writing as: Patricia McGerr

A popular writer of crime novels, especially short stories for magazines such as Eller Queen Mystery Magazine, Ms. McGerr was born and raised in Nebraska. Her first novel, Pick Your Victim, which came out in 1946, was picked as one of the Fifty Classics of Crime Fiction for the first half century. She was best known for presenting an interesting twist in the tradional crime plot when she wrote a story in which the murderer is known but it is the victim who is the mystery to be solved.

Series Books
Selena Mead Legacy Of Danger (1963)
  Is There A Traitor In The House (1964)
  Match Point in Berlin (ss) (1968)
  Hide and Seek - Russian Style (ss) (1976)
  The Writing on the Wall (ss) (1978)
  Caribbean Clues (ss) (1984)
  Numbers Game (ss) (1984)
Other Pick Your Victim (1946)
  The Seven Deadly Sisters (1947)
  Catch Me If You Can (1948)
  Save the Witness (1949)
  Follow, As the Night aka Your Loving Victim (1950)
  Death in a Million Living Rooms aka Die Laughing (1951)
  The Missing Years (1953)
  Fatal in My Fashion (1954)
  Martha, Martha (1960)
  My Brothers, Remember Monica (1964)
  Murder is Absurd (1967)
  Stranger With My Face (1968)
  For Richer, For Poorer, Till Death (1969)
  Daughter of Darkness (1974)
  Dangerous Landing (1975)