1932 - 2003

Writing as: Gavin Lyall

Born in Birmingham, England, Mr. Lyall was raised in that city before going to Cambridge. He was a pilot for the RAF for two years and then returned to college to get his B.A. He worked as both a reporter and a television film director for several years before taking up adventure novel writing. His style and his popularity was similar to that of Hammond Innes, Desmond Bagley, and Alistair MacLean.

Series Books
Harry Maxim The Secret Servant (1980)
  The Conduct Of Major Maxim (1982)
  The Crocus List (1985)
  Uncle Target (1988)
Ranklin & O'Gilroy Spy's Honour (1993)
  Flight From Honour (1996)
  All Honourable Men (1997)
  Honourable Intentions (1999)
Other The Wrong Side of the Sky (1961)
  The Most Dangerous Game (1963)
  Midnight Plus One (1965)
  Shooting Script (1966)
  Venus With Pistol (1969)
  Blame The Dead (1972)
  Judas Country (1975)