1932 - 2006

Writing as: Herbert Burkholz

A New York native who spent most of his life abroad, Mr. Burkholz wrote ten novels and two nonfiction books. One of these, The FDA Follies brought the FDA to task for various failings. Interestingly, after the book came out, he was hired for a while as the speechwriter for the current FDA commissioner.

Series Books
Ed Mancuso The Death Freak (1983)
  The Sleeping Spy (1983)
The Sensitives The Sensitives (1987)
  Strange Bedfellows (1988)
  Brain Damage (1992)
Other Spy (1969)
  Sister Bear (1969)
  The Spanish Soldier (1973)
  Mulligan's Seed (1975)
  The Snow Gods (1985)