1929 -

Writing as: Eileen Dewhurst

Born in Liverpool, Eileen Dewhurst was an only child who had the urge to write from a very young age. She suffered a setback in her first attempt, so one source cited, when a cruel uncle found her writing and ridiculed it. Nevertheless, she persevered and eventually became a published author.

Series Books
Helen Johnson Whoever I Am (1982)
  Playing Safe (1985)
Other Death Came Smiling (1975)
  After the Ball (1976)
  Curtain Fall [Insp. Neil Carter] (1977)
  Drink This [Insp. Neil Carter] (1980)
  Trio in Three Flats [Insp. Neil Carter] (1981)
  The House That Jack Built (1983)
  There Was a Little Girl [Insp. Neil Carter] (1984)
  A Private Prosecution [Phyllida Moon] (1986)
  The Sleeper (1988)
  A Nice Little Business [Insp. Neil Carter] (1990)
  Dear Mr. Right (1991)
  The Innocence of Guilt (1991)
  Death in Candie Gardens [Insp. Tim Le Page] (1992)
  Now You See Her [Phyllida Moon] (1995)
  The Verdict on Winter [Phyllida Moon] (1996)
  Alias the Enemy [Insp. Tim Le Page] (1997)
  Roundabout [Phyllida Moon] (1998)
  Death of a Stranger [Insp. Tim Le Page] (1999)
  Double Act [Phyllida Moon] (2000)
  Closing Stages (2001)
  No Love Lost [Phyllida Moon] (2002)
  Easeful Death [Phyllida Moon] (2003)
  Naked Witness [Phyllida Moon] (2003)