1942 -

Writing as: Simon Quinn, Martin Cruz Smith

Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Martin Smith was raised in that state and got his higher education at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a BA in Creative Writing in 1964. He got a job as a journalist which he continued for some time but in the early 70s, he began to write fiction, getting published in the Nick Carter series and creating his own action character, Francis Killy. When he decided to publish under his own name, he learned there were already several authors with that name and added the middle name Cruz from his grandmother's surname.

Series Books
Simon Quinn
The Inquisitor The Devil In Kansas (1974)
  The Last Time I Saw Hell (1974)
  Nuplex Red (1974)
  His Eminence, Death (1974)
  The Midas Coffin (1975)
  Last Rites For The Vulture (1975)
Other The Human Factor (1975)
Martin Cruz Smith
Nick Carter (1964) The Inca Death Squad (1972)
  Code Name: Werewolf (1973)
  The Devil's Dozen (1973)
Arkady Renko Gorky Park (1981)
  Polar Star (1989)
  Red Square (1992)
  Havana Bay (1999)
  Wolves Eat Dogs (2004)
  Stalin's Ghost (2007)
  Three Stations (2010)
  Tatiana (2013)
  The Siberian Dilemma (2019)
  Independence Square (2023)
Other The Indians Won (1970)
  Gypsy in Amber [Roman Grey] (1971)
  Canto for a Gypsy [Roman Grey] (1972)
  The Analog Bullet (1972)
  Nightwing (1977)
  Stallion Gate (1986)
  Rose (1996)
  Tokyo Station aka December 6 (2002)
  The Girl From Venice (2016)