1917 - 2002

Writing as: James Dark, J. E. MacDonnell, James Workman

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "James Edmond Macdonnell was an Australian novelist. The covers of his novels declare him "Australia's leading novelist of the Navy" and "Australia's greatest novelist of the sea".

James Edmond Macdonnell was born in 1917 in Mackay, Queensland and became one of Australia's most prolific writers of paperback novels. As a boy, he became determined to go to sea and read every seafaring book he could find. At age 13, while his family was still asleep, he took his brother's bike and rode some 80 miles from his home town to Brisbane in an attempt to see ships and the sea. Fortunately, he was found and returned to his family. He attended the Toowoomba Grammar School from 1931 to 1932. He served in the Royal Australian Navy for fourteen years, joining at age 17, advancing through all lower deck ranks and reaching the rank of commissioned gunnery officer. He began writing books while still in active service. The publicity biography on the back cover of Command! (1959) states that "he began with novels in 1942".

Macdonnell wrote stories for The Bulletin under the pseudonym "Macnell" and from 1948 to 1956 he was a member of The Bulletin staff. His first book, Fleet Destroyer - a collection of stories about life on the small ships - was published by The Book Depot, Melbourne, in 1945. Macdonnell began writing full-time for Horwitz in 1956, writing an average of a dozen books a year.

After leaving the navy, Macdonnell lived in St. Ives, Sydney and pursued his writing career. In 1988, he retired to Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He died peacefully in his sleep at a Buderim hospital in 2002. He is survived by his wife Valerie and his children Beth, Jane and Peter."

Series Books
James Dark
Mark Hood Come Die With Me (1965)
  The Bamboo Bomb (1965)
  Hong Kong Incident (1966)
  Assignment Tokyo (1966)
  Spy From The Deep (1966)
  Operation Scuba (1967)
  Throne Of Satan (1967)
  The Sword Of Genghis Khan (1967)
  Spying Blind (1968)
  Operation Octopus (1968)
  Operation Ice Cap (1969)
  The Invisibles (1969)
  The Reluctant Assassin (1970)
  Sea Scape (1970)
Other Havoc! (1962)
  Impact (1962)
  Horror Tales (1963)
  Terrifying Stories (1963)
  Sweet Taste In Venom (1963)
J. E. MacDonnell
Other Commander Carton (1960)
  Colt & Co. in the Valley of Gold (1960)
  The Doctor's Challenge (1961)
  Alias Carton (1961)
James Workman
Other The Apologetic Tiger (1958)
  Lucifer at Ponsfordville (1959)
  Shark Bait (1968)