1926 - 2013

Writing as: Bryan Forbes

Born John Theobald Clarke in Stratford, Essex, England, he grew up in that region and earned a spot at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. When he was old enough to join the military during WWII, he left school for the service. Afterward he had many supporting roles in British films.

He was forced to change his name for professional reasons as there already was a John Clarke registered with Britsh Equity thus he became then and henceforth Bryan Forbes.

A close friend to Richard Attenborough, Forbes took a similar route in his career, acting when the mood hit him but also writing and directing. He was the director of many movies, the best (IMHO) being King Rat and The Stepford Wives.

Series Books
Alec Hillsden The Endless Game (1986)
  A Spy At Twilight (1989)
  Quicksand (1996)
Other Distant Laughter (1972)
  Slipper and the Rose (1976)
  International Velvet (1978)
  Familiar Strangers aka Stranger (1979)
  The Rewrite Man (1983)
  The Twisted Playground (1993)
  Partly Cloudy (1995)
  The Memory of All That (1999)
  The Choice (2007)
  The Soldier's Story (2012)