1916 - 2006

Writing as: Donald Hamilton

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, he emigrated to the U.S. and eventually attended the University of Chicago from which he earned a Bachelor's in 1938. During WWII he served in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He lived most of his adult life in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the site of his greatest fictional creation's home. In the last years of his life he returned to his native Sweden. In addition to the tremendous Matt Helm adventure novels, Mr. Hamilton wrote westerns and detective-noir stories. Two of the former were made into movies.

Series Books
Matt Helm The Dominators (-)
  Death Of A Citizen (1960)
  The Wrecking Crew (1960)
  The Removers (1961)
  The Silencers (1962)
  Murderers' Row (1962)
  The Ambushers (1963)
  The Shadowers (1964)
  The Ravagers (1964)
  The Devastators (1965)
  The Betrayers (1966)
  The Menacers (1968)
  The Interlopers (1969)
  The Poisoners (1971)
  The Intriguers (1972)
  The Intimidators (1974)
  The Terminators (1975)
  The Retaliators (1976)
  The Terrorizers (1977)
  The Revengers (1982)
  The Annihilators (1983)
  The Infiltrators (1984)
  The Detonators (1985)
  The Vanishers (1986)
  The Demolishers (1987)
  The Frighteners (1989)
  The Threateners (1992)
  The Damagers (1993)
Other Date with Darkness (1947)
  The Steel Mirror aka Five Steps to Danger (1948)
  Murder Twice Told (collection) (1950)
  Night Walker aka Rough Company (1954)
  Smoky Valley (1954)
  Line of Fire (1955)
  Mad River (1956)
  The Big Country (1958)
  Texas Fever (1961)
  Assassins Have Starry Eyes aka Assignment: Murder (1966)
  The Two-Shoot Gun (1972)
  The Mona Intercept (1980)