(1891-1959) (1899-1

Writing as: Manning Coles, Francis Gaite

A pseudonym of two authors. Neighbors in Hampshire, England, Adelaide Manning wanted to be a writer. Cyril Coles was a former member of British Intelligence with a lot of experience and a font of information and stories. Together they created a very memorable secret agent series which had excitement and realism. They also wrote other books, including a young adult series about a family of ghosts, but it is for Tommy Hambledon that they are best known.

Series Books
Manning Coles
Tommy Hambledon Drink To Yesterday (1940)
  A Toast To Tomorrow (1940)
  They Tell No Tales (1941)
  Without Lawful Authority (1943)
  Green Hazard (1945)
  Handcuffs Don't Hold Ghosts (ss) (1946)
  The Fifth Man (1946)
  With Intent To Deceive (1947)
  Let The Tiger Die (1947)
  Among Those Absent (1948)
  Not Negotiable (1949)
  Diamonds To Amsterdam (1949)
  Dangerous By Nature (1950)
  Now Or Never (1951)
  Alias Uncle Hugo (1952)
  Night Train To Paris (1952)
  A Knife For The Juggler (1953)
  All That Glitters (1954)
  The Man In The Green Hat (1955)
  The Basle Express (1956)
  Death Of An Ambassador (1957)
  Birdwatcher's Quarry (1957)
  Buyer Collects (ss) (1958)
  Handle With Care (ss) (1958)
  No Entry (1958)
  Johnny the Dip (ss) (1959)
  Two's Company (ss) (1959)
  The Case of the Six Indignant Footmen (ss) (1959)
  Here Lies - (ss) (1959)
  Holiday Romantic (ss) (1959)
  Out Of Luck (ss) (1960)
  Concrete Crime (1960)
  It Pays To Be Honest (ss) (1960)
  Nothing To Declare (ss) (1960)
  Angel On My Foot (ss) (1960)
  Search For A Sultan (1961)
  House At Pluck's Gutter (1961)
  Nothing To Declare (1961)
Other Half-Valdez (1939)
  This Fortress (1942)
Francis Gaite
Other Great Caesar's Ghost aka The Emperor's Bracelet (1943)
  Brief Candles [The Latimers] (1943)
  Happy Returns aka A Family Matter [The Latimers] (1943)
  The Far Traveler (1943)
  Come and Go [The Latimers] (1943)
  Duty Free (1943)