1918 - 1995

Writing as: Owen John

According to Wikipedia: "Leonard Owen-John (1 May 1918 - 23 January 1995) was a Welsh author of spy fiction who is mostly remembered for his series of novels starring the Russian-born MI-6 agent Haggai Godin.

Praised by his comparatively realistic approach to the world of espionage, he has been called by critics 'a master of the double cross'."

Series Books
Haggai Godin Thirty Days Hath September (1966)
  The Disinformer (1966)
  A Beam Of Black Light (1968)
  Dead On Time (1969)
  The Shadow In The Sea (1972)
  Sabotage (1973)
  Getaway (1976)
Other Computer Takes All (1967)
  The Diamond Dress (1970)
  The Controller (1978)
  Festival (1978)
  McGreogor's Island (1979)