1922 - 1986

Writing as: John Braine

Braine is better known far more for his anti-establishment, anti-class books from the late 50s through the 60s. His first book, Room At The Top, is said to have launched the "Angry Young Man" style of writing. The two books he wrote in the Xavier Flynn were written two decades later and show his attitudes hadn't changed much, just matured.

Series Books
Xavier Flynn The Pious Agent (1976)
  Finger Of Fire (1977)
Other Room at the Top [Joe Lampton] (1957)
  The Vodi (1959)
  From the Hand of the Hunter (1960)
  Life at the Top [Joe Lampton] (1962)
  The Jealous God (1964)
  The Crying Game (1968)
  A Personal Record [NF] (1968)
  Stay With Me Till Morning (1970)
  The View From Tower Hill (1970)
  The Queen Of A Distant Country (1972)
  How to Write a Novel [NF] (1974)
  Waiting for Sheila (1976)
  J. B. Priestley [NF] (1978)
  One and Last Love (1981)
  The Two of Us (1984)
  These Golden Days (1985)