1928 - 2001

Writing as: Desmond Cory

Born and raised in Sussex, England, Shaun McCarthy fulfilled his National Service as a commando in the Royal Marines before heading to Oxford where he graduated from St. Peter's College with a degree in English literature. He would return to school two decades later to get his Ph.D. While he was completing his studies at Oxford he began to write the first of many Johnny Fedora adventures and saw the first one published the same time he earned his degree. As a career, Mr. McCarthy served as a translator and a teacher in various countries of the world including Spain and the Middle East. In addition to his academic duties, Mr. McCarthy found time to pen a large number of exciting stories besides his Fedora novels. He also was able to get married and father four boys.

Series Books
Johnny Fedora The Nazi Assassins (1951)
  The Gestapo File (1952)
  The Hitler Diamonds (1953)
  Trieste (1954)
  Dead Men Alive (1955)
  High Requiem (1956)
  The Swastika Hunt (1956)
  Mountainhead (1958)
  Johnny Goes West (1959)
  Johnny Goes South (1959)
  The Head (1960)
  Undertow (1962)
  Shockwave (1963)
  Feramontov (1966)
  Timelock (1967)
  Sunburst (1971)
Other Begin, Murderer! [Lindy Grey] (1951)
  This Is Jezebel [Lindy Grey] (1952)
  Lady Lost [Lindy Grey] (1953)
  The Shaken Leaf [Lindy Grey] (1954)
  The City of Kites (1955)
  The Phoenix Sings aka Mark of the Phoenix (1955)
  Pilgrim at the Gate [Mr. Pilgrim] (1957)
  Pilgrim on the Island [Mr. Pilgrim] (1959)
  Jones on the Belgrade Express (1960)
  Stranglehold [Mr. Dee] (1961)
  The Name of the Game [Mr. Dee] (1964)
  Deadfall aka Salamander (1965)
  The Night Hawk (1969)
  Take My Drum to England aka Even If You Run (1971)
  A Bit of a Shunt Up the River (1974)
  The Circe Complex (1975)
  Bennett (1977)
  The Strange Attractor aka The Catalyst [Prof. John Dobie] (1991)
  The Mask of Zeus [Prof. John Dobie] (1992)
  The Dobie Paradox [Prof. John Dobie] (1993)