1928 - 2004

Writing as: Angus Ross

According to a short bio on SlightlyBetterBooks: "Angus Ross, a.k.a. Kenneth Giggal, was born on the 19th March 1927, at Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. On leaving school, he couldn't wait to get into the Royal Navy and volunteered for the Fleet Air Arm in 1944. After serving in aircraft carriers and on stations abroad, he left the service in 1951 with one ambition: to work in newspapers or magazines.

He joined a firm of Scottish Publishers and worked from their offices in Scotland and Manchester before spending a final ten years in Fleet Street. He retired to his home in North Yorkshire in 1970, in order to write free-lance."

Series Books
Mark Farrow The Manchester Thing (1970)
  The Huddersfield Job (1971)
  The London Assignment (1972)
  The Dunfermline Affair (1973)
  The Amsterdam Diversion (1974)
  The Bradford Business (1974)
  The Leeds Fiasco (1975)
  The Edinburgh Exercise (1975)
  The Ampurias Exchange (1976)
  The Aberdeen Conundrum (1977)
  The Burgos Contract (1978)
  The Congleton Lark (1979)
  The Hamburg Switch (1980)
  The Menwith Tangle (1982)
  The Darlington Jaunt (1983)
  The Luxembourg Run (1985)
  The Tyneside Ultimatum (1988)
  The Leipzig Manuscript (1990)
  The Last One (1992)
Other The Greenham Plot (1984)
  A Bad April (1984)