Writing as: Edward S. Aarons, Paul Ayres, Edward Ronns

Mr. Aarons began his series about highly skilled but enjoyably imperfect Sam Durrell when he was 40 and continued them until his death. He also wrote under pennames of Paul Ayres and Edward Ronns where his books were detective/crime novels. See Wikipedia for more info, where someone was kind enough to borrow my descriptions of each book, albeit disagreeing with the order.

Series Books
Edward S. Aarons
Sam Durell [creator]
Other Nightmare (1948)
  Escape To Love (1952)
  Come Back, My Love (1953)
  Passport To Peril (1953)
  The Sinners (1953)
  Girl On The Run (1954)
  The Defenders (1961)
Paul Ayres
Other Dead Heat (1950)
Edward Ronns
Other Murder Money aka $1,000,000 In Corpses (1938)
  Death In A Lighthouse aka The Cowl Of Doom (1938)
  The Corpse Hangs High (1939)
  State Department Murders (1950)
  Catspaw Ordeal (1950)
  Dark Memory (1950)
  Million Dollar Murder (1950)
  I Can't Stop Running (1951)
  The Decoy (1951)
  Don't Cry, Beloved (1952)
  Passage To Terror (1952)
  Dark Destiny (1953)
  The Net (1953)
  Say It With Murder (1954)
  Death Is My Shadow (1957)
  Pickup Alley (1957)
  Gang Rumble (1958)
  The Lady Takes A Flyer (1958)
  The Big Bedroom (1959)
  The Black Orchid (1959)
  But Not For Me (1959)
  The Glass Cage (1962)