1897 - 1977

Writing as: Dennis Wheatley

Born in London, he was raised in the wine business and eventually took control of the company. During WWI he served in the field artillery. Chlorine gas caused him to be invalided for a time. When a economic downturn caused his family's business to suffer, he sold it and turned to writing, a profession that would prove extremely lucrative.

Series Books
Roger Brook The Launching of Roger Brook (1947)
  The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (1948)
  The Rising Storm (1949)
  The Man Who Killed the King (1951)
  The Dark Secret of Josephine (1955)
  The Rape of Venice (1959)
  The Sultan's Daughter (1963)
  The Wanton Princess (1966)
  Evil in a Mask (1969)
  The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware (1971)
  The Irish Witch (1973)
  Desperate Measures (1974)
Duke de Richleau The Forbidden Territory (1933)
  The Devil Rides Out (1935)
  The Golden Spaniard (1938)
  Three Inquisitive People (1940)
  Strange Conflict (1941)
  Codeword - Golden Fleece (1946)
  The Second Seal (1950)
  The Prisoner In The Mask (1956)
  Vendetta In Spain (1961)
  Dangerous Inheritance (1965)
  Gateway To Hell (1970)
Gregory Sallust Black August (1934)
  Contraband (1936)
  Faked Passports (1940)
  The Black Baroness (1940)
  The Scarlet Imposter (1940)
  V For Vengeance (1942)
  Come Into My Parlour (1946)
  The Island Where Time Stands Still (1954)
  Traitors' Gate (1958)
  They Used Dark Forces (1964)
  The White Witch of the South Seas (1968)