1921 - 1990

Writing as: J. T. MacCargo, Peter Rabe


Series Books
J. T. MacCargo
Other Fine Day for Dying, A [Mannix] (1975)
  Round Trip to Nowhere [Mannix] (1975)
Peter Rabe
Manny DeWitt The Girl In A Big Brass Bed (1965)
  The Spy Was Three Feet Tall (1966)
  Code Name Gadget (1967)
Other Stop This Man! (1955)
  Benny Muscles In (1955)
  A Shroud for Jesso (1955)
  Kill the Boss Good-By (1956)
  Dig My Grave Deep [Daniel Port] (1956)
  A House in Naples (1956)
  Agreement to Kill (1957)
  The Out Is Death [Daniel Port] (1957)
  Journey Into Terror (1957)
  It’s My Funeral [Daniel Port] (1957)
  The Cut of the Whip [Daniel Port] (1958)
  Mission for Vengeance (1958)
  Blood on the Desert (1958)
  Bring Me Another Corpse [Daniel Port] (1959)
  Time Enough to Die [Daniel Port] (1959)
  Murder Me for Nickels (1960)
  My Lovely Executioner (1960)
  Anatomy of a Killer (1960)
  The Box (1962)
  War of the Dons (1972)
  Black Mafia (1974)