1896 - 1951

Writing as: Peter Cheyney

British crime and espionage author Peter Cheyney spent most of his adult life as a police reporter and investigator, much of it freelance. This meant that he spent a good deal of his time broke. The legend goes that Mr. Cheyney commented that anyone could write a hard-boiled American-style detective novel and was bet 5 pounds that he could not. He did and he went on to sell that book to a publisher, starting a far more prosperous career.

Though he is largely unknown today, during his life he was very popular, especially for his detective stories. Far more famous than his spymaster Peter Quayle were Slim Callaghan, a somewhat disreputable private eye, and Lemmy Caution, an FBI agent later becoming a private detective.

Series Books
Peter Quayle Dark Duet (1942)
  The Stars Are Dark (1943)
  Dark Street (1944)
  Sinister Errand (1945)
  Dark Interlude (1946)
  Dark Hero (1946)
  Dark Wanton (1948)
  Dark Bahama (1950)
Other This Man Is Dangerous [Lemmy Caution] (1936)
  Dames Don’t Care [Lemmy Caution] (1937)
  Poison Ivy [Lemmy Caution] (1937)
  You Can’t Hit a Woman and other stories (1937)
  Can Ladies Kill? [Lemmy Caution] (1938)
  The Urgent Hangman [Slim Callaghan] (1938)
  Don’t Get Me Wrong [Lemmy Caution] (1939)
  Knave Takes Queen (1939)
  Dangerous Curves aka Callaghan [Slim Callaghan] (1939)
  Another Little Drink aka A Trap for Bellamy aka Premeditated Murder (1940)
  You Can’t Keep the Change [Slim Callaghan] (1940)
  Your Deal, My Lovely [Lemmy Caution] (1941)
  It Couldn’t Matter Less aka The Unscrupulous Mr. Callaghan aka Set-Up for Murder [Slim Callaghan] (1941)
  Never a Dull Moment [Lemmy Caution and Slim Callaghan] (1942)
  Sorry You’ve Been Troubled aka Farewell to the Admiral [Slim Callaghan] (1942)
  The Murder of Alonzo [Alonzo MacTavish] (1943)
  Calling Mr. Callaghan [Slim Callaghan] (1943)
  The Adventures of Alonzo MacTavish [Alonzo MacTavish] (1943)
  Love with a Gun and other stories (1943)
  Alonzo MacTavish Again [Alonzo MacTavish] (1943)
  You Can Always Duck [Lemmy Caution] (1943)
  They Never Say When [Slim Callaghan] (1944)
  Making Crime Pay (1944)
  Account Rendered [Slim Callaghan] (1944)
  Dance Without Music [Slim Callaghan] (1945)
  I’ll Say She Does! [Lemmy Caution] (1945)
  You Can’t Trust Duchesses and other stories (1945)
  A Tough Spot for Cupid and other stories (1945)
  Vengeance with a Twist and other stories [Slim Callaghan] (1946)
  A Spot of Murder and other stories [Slim Callaghan] (1946)
  Date After Dark and other stories [Slim Callaghan] (1946)
  Uneasy Terms aka British National [Slim Callaghan] (1946)
  G Man at the Yard [Lemmy Caution] (1946)
  The Man with Two Wives and other stories [Slim Callaghan] (1946)
  Time for Caution [Lemmy Caution] (1946)
  He Walked in Her Sleep and other stories aka MacTavish [Alonzo MacTavish] (1946)
  Lady in Green and other stories [Alonzo MacTavish] (1947)
  Dance Without Music (1947)
  A Matter of Luck and other stories [Alonzo MacTavish] (1947)
  The Curiosity of Etienne MacGregor aka The Sweetheart of the Razors [Etienne MacGregor] (1947)
  Try Anything Twice aka Undressed to Kill (1948)
  Fast Work and other stories (1948)
  Information Received and other stories (1948)
  Cocktail Party and other stories (1948)
  The Lady in Tears and other stories (1948)
  The Unhappy Lady and other stories [Alonzo MacTavish] (1948)
  Cocktail for Cupid and other stories (1948)
  No Ordinary Cheyney (1948)
  The Man Nobody Saw aka You Can Call It a Day (1949)
  Lady, Behave! aka Lady Beware [Johnny Vallon] (1950)
  Mistress Murder aka One of Those Things (1951)
  Dressed to Kill aka Night Club (1952)
  Velvet Johnnie and other stories (1952)
  The Mystery Blues and other stories aka Fast Work (1954)
  The Adventures of Julia and two other spy stories aka Killing Game aka You’d Be Surprised (1954)
  Cocktails and the Killer aka Ladies Won’t Wait [Michael Kells] (1957)