1952 -

Writing as: Jack Frost, Ray Obstfeld, Raymond Obstfeld, Carl Stevens

Born in Pennsylvania, Raymond Obstfeld was first published at the age of 24 and his second novel, Dead Heat, was nominated for an Edgar as well as being made into an Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. In addition to the published works, he teaches creative writing at Orange Coast College.

Series Books
Jack Frost
Other The Warlord [The Warlord] (1983)
  Badlands [The Warlord] (1984)
  The Cutthroat [The Warlord] (1984)
  Prisonland [The Warlord] (1984)
  Terminal Island [The Warlord] (1985)
Ray Obstfeld
The Executioner Bloodsport (1982)
  Flesh Wounds (1983)
  Savannah Swingsaw (1985)
  The Fire Eaters (1986)
Raymond Obstfeld
Matt Hunter Invasion U.S.A. (1985)
Cliff Remington The Remington Factor (1985)
  The Remington Contract (1988)
Other The Goulden Fleece [Harry Gould] (1979)
  The Dead-End Option [Harry Gould] (1980)
  Dead Heat [Harry Gould] (1981)
  Dead Bolt [Harry Gould] (1982)
  Eye for Eye (with Sean LaPorte] [Hank Frost (The Mercenary)] (1984)
  The Hard Men aka Eye For Eye (with Sean LaPorte] [Hank Frost (The Mercenary)] (1984)
  Masked Dog (1986)
  Brain Wave (1987)
  The Reincarnation of Reece Erikson (1988)
  Earth Angel (1995)
Carl Stevens
Dagger The Centaur Conspiracy (1983)
  Ride Of The Razorback (1984)