1926 - 2002

Writing as: James Mitchell, James Munro

A British author and television series creator, James Mitchell was born in a small coastal town names South Shields. He made his living writing for television and created two different series, When The Boat Comes In and Callan.

Series Books
James Mitchell
David Callan File On A Darling Daughter (ss) (02/01/1976)
  File On An Awesome Amateur (ss) (02/08/1976)
  File On A Joyous Juliet (ss) (02/15/1976)
  File On A Mourning Mother (ss) (02/22/1976)
  File On An Angry American (ss) (02/29/1976)
  File On A Deadly Deadshot (ss) (03/11/1973)
  File On An Angry Artist (ss) (03/18/1973)
  File On A Reckless Rider (ss) (03/25/1973)
  File On A Weeping Widow (ss) (04/01/1973)
  File on a Friendly Lady (ss) (04/23/1972)
  File on a Jolly Miller (ss) (04/30/1972)
  File on a Deadly Doctor (ss) (05/07/1972)
  File on a Man Called Callan (ss) (05/14/1972)
  File on a Gallic Charmer (ss) (05/21/1972)
  File On An Angry Actor (ss) (05/26/1974)
  File On A Lucky Lady (ss) (06/02/1974)
  File On A Dancing Decoy (ss) (06/09/1974)
  File On A Careful Cowboy (ss) (07/27/1975)
  File On A Doomed Defector (ss) (08/03/1975)
  File on a Chinese Hostess (ss) (08/08/1971)
  File On A Pining Poet (ss) (08/10/1975)
  File on a Willing Victim (ss) (08/15/1971)
  File On A Deadly Don (ss) (08/15/1976)
  File On A Powerful Picador (ss) (08/17/1975)
  File on a Kindly Colonel (ss) (08/22/1971)
  File On A Tired Traitor (ss) (08/22/1976)
  File On A Difficult Don (ss) (08/24/1975)
  File on a Chelsea Swinger (ss) (08/29/1971)
  File On A Harassed Hunter (ss) (08/29/1976)
  File on a Missing Poet (ss) (09/05/1971)
  File On A Beautiful Boxer (ss) (09/05/1976)
  File on the Happy Hippy (ss) (09/20/1970)
  File on a Faithful Husband (ss) (09/27/1970)
  File on a Loving Sister (ss) (10/04/1970)
  File On A Deadly Diary (ss) (10/06/1974)
  File on a Painless Dentist (ss) (10/11/1970)
  File On A Classy Club (ss) (10/13/1974)
  File on a Fancy Lawyer (ss) (10/18/1970)
  File On A Fearsome Farm (ss) (10/20/1974)
  Merry Christmas from the Section (ss) (1967)
  Red File For Callan (1969)
  Russian Roulette (1973)
  Death And Bright Water (1974)
  Smear Job (1975)
  Bonfire Night (2002)
  Callan Uncovered (2014)
  Callan Uncovered 2 (2015)
  The Callan File: The Definitive Guide (2016)
James Munro
John Craig The Man Who Sold Death (1964)
  Die Rich Die Happy (1965)
  The Money That Money Can't Buy (1967)
  The Innocent Bystanders (1969)