1938 -

Writing as: Robert Charles, Charles Leader

For a terrific bio (one of the best I've read), check out his website.

Series Books
Robert Charles
Counter-Terror The Hour Of The Wolf (1974)
  The Flight Of The Raven (1975)
  The Scream Of The Dove (1975)
  The Prey Of The Falcon (1976)
  The Snarl Of The Lynx (1977)
  The Arms Of The Mantis (1978)
  The Venom Of The Cobra (1979)
  A Lance For The Devil (1980)
Mark Falcon Falcon SAS: Blood River (1999)
  Falcon SAS: Firestrike (1999)
Simon Larren Nothing To Lose (1963)
  Dark Vendetta (1964)
  Mission Of Murder (1965)
  Arctic Assignment (1966)
  The Fourth Shadow (1966)
  Assassins For Peace (1967)
  Stamboul Intrigue (1968)
  The Big Fish (1969)
  Strikefast (1969)
Other The Faceless Fugitive (1963)
  One Must Survive (1964)
  This Side of Hell (1965)
  Three Days to Live (1968)
  Sea Vengeance (1974)
  The Sun Virgin (1974)
  Dead Before Midnight (1975)
  The Burning (1979)
  Flowers of Evil (1981)
  Nightworld (1984)
  The Comet (1985)
  Persons Reported (2000)
  Ancient Sins (2007)
  Blood and Sangria (2010)
Charles Leader
Paul Mason Frontier Of Violence (1966)
  Strangler's Moon (1968)
Other Murder in Marrakech (1966)
  The Golden Lure [Ric McAdden] (1967)
  Nightmare on the Nile (1967)
  The Angry Darkness (1968)
  Cargo to Saigon [Ric McAdden] (1969)
  The Double M Man [Mike M’Call] (1969)
  Death of a Marine [Mike M’Call] (1970)
  The Dragon Roars (1970)
  Salesman of Death [Mike M’Call] (1971)
  Scavengers at War [Mike M’Call] (1974)
  A Wreath from Bangkok [David Chan] (1975)
  A Wreath of Poppies [David Chan] (1975)
  A Wreath for Miss Wong [David Chan] (1977)
  A Wreath of Cherry Blossom [David Chan] (1977)
  Kingdom of Darkness (1978)