1922 - 1992

Writing as: Ric Arana, Robert Crane, Ladd E. Linsley, Con Sellers

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Series Books
Ric Arana
Other The Silent Seducers (1967)
  Big Dano (1969)
Robert Crane
Ben Corbin Sergeant Corbin's War (1963)
  The Sergeant And The Queen (1964)
  Operation Vengeance (1965)
  The Paradise Trap (1967)
  Tongue Of Treason (1967)
  Out Of Time (1974)
Other Born of Battle (1962)
Ladd E. Linsley
Other Widow for Hire (1969)
Con Sellers
Other Willing Women (1960)
  Animal Broad aka Hot Harem (1960)
  Erotic Room aka Brute! (1960)
  Wench! (1960)
  House of Pleasure (1960)
  Top Madam (1961)
  French Quarter Wenches (1961)
  Female Psycho Ward!!! (1961)
  Big Man (1961)
  Pleasure House (1961)
  Animal Doll (1962)
  F.S.C.: The Shocking Story of a Probable America aka Mr. Tomorrow (1963)
  A Handful of Death (1966)
  The Deep Green Elephant (1967)
  Where Have All The Soldiers Gone? (1969)
  Too Late the Hero (1970)
  The Algerian Incident aka Vagabond Lover (1970)
  Marilee (1977)
  Last Flower (1980)
  Sweet Caroline (1980)
  Keepers of the House (1983)
  The Praetorians (1989)
  Brothers in Battle (1989)
  The Flames of War [Men at Arms] (1991)
  The Gathering Storm [Men at Arms] (1991)
  World Ablaze [Men at Arms] (1992)
  Allied in Victory [Men at Arms] (1992)