1948 -

Writing as: Diana Deverell

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Diana Deverell graduated from Stanford in the mid-60's. Marriage diverted her from a session at Harvard Law School and for a few years she and her husband were truck drivers for a major van lines. Settling for a time in Maine, she earned a Masters and worked for a while at a youth counceling facility. When her marriage ended, she left Maine and joined the Foreign Service. Read her Bio on her webpage. Hers is one of the most interesting I've found.

Series Books
Casey Collins 12 Drummers Drumming (1998)
  Night On Fire (1999)
  East Past Warsaw (2011)
  No Place For An Honest Woman (2012)
  China Box (2016)
Other Murder, Ken Kesey, and Me (2012)
  Run & Gun (2012)