1936 -

Writing as: David Brierley

David Brierley was born in Durban, South Africa. During his life, he has called several countries home such as Canada, Greece, France, and England. He has held a variety of jobs including being a teacher and an advertising copywriter. To give his adventure novels realness, as well as for yet another of his jobs, travel author, he has visited a very large number of countries.

Series Books
Cody Cold War (1979)
  Blood Group O (1980)
  Skorpion's Death (1985)
  Snowline (1986)
  Death & Co. (1999)
Other Big Bear, Little Bear (1981)
  Shooting Star (1983)
  Czechmate (1985)
  One Lives, One Dies (1987)
  On Leaving a Prague Window [Velvet Revolution] (1995)
  The Horizontal Woman [Velvet Revolution] (1996)
  The Cloak-and-dagger Girl [Velvet Revolution] (1998)
  To El And Back - short stories (2012)