1911 - 1986

Writing as: Victor Canning, Julian Forest, Alan Gould

Born in Plymouth, Devon, Mr. Canning started writing short stories at an early age and was selling them to magazines by the time he reached adulthood. At the age of 23, his first novel, Mr. Finchley Discovers His England, is published and becomes a huge best seller and allowed him to quit his day job to write full time. Numerous novels followed, each doing very well. In 1940 at the age of 29, he enlisted in the Army where he received training in the artillery alongside his friend and fellow author, Eric Ambler. He saw considerable action in England, North Africa, and Sicily. After the War, he resumed his writing and produced some of his very best work, several of which were turned into movies or television shows. He also produced screenplays for numerous action adventures on tv.

Series Books
Victor Canning
Birdcage Firecrest (1971)
  The Rainbird Pattern (1972)
  The Mask of Memory (1974)
  The Doomsday Carrier (1978)
  Birdcage (1978)
  The Satan Sampler (1979)
  Vanishing Point (1982)
  Birds of a Feather (1985)
Rex Carver The Limbo Line (1963)
  The Whip Hand (1965)
  Doubled In Diamonds (1966)
  The Python Project (1967)
  The Melting Man (1968)
Other Mr. Finchley Discovers his England (1934)
  Polycarp’s Progress (1935)
  Fly Away Paul (1936)
  Everyman’s England (1936)
  Matthew Silverman (1937)
  Mr. Finchley Goes to Paris (1938)
  Fountain Inn (1939)
  Mr. Finchley Takes the Road (1940)
  Beggar’s Bush (1940)
  Green Battlefield (1943)
  The Chasm (1947)
  Panther’s Moon aka Hunter's Moon (1948)
  The Golden Salamander (1949)
  A Forest of Eyes (1950)
  Venetian Bird aka Bird of Prey (1950)
  House of the Seven Flies aka House of the Seven Hawks (1952)
  The Man from the Turkish Slave (1954)
  Castle Minerva aka A Handful of Silver (1954)
  His Bones are Coral aka Twist of the Knife (1955)
  The Hidden Face aka Burden of Proof (1956)
  The Manasco Road aka The Forbidden Road (1957)
  Young Man on a Bicycle aka Oasis Nine (1958)
  The Dragon Tree aka The Captives of Mora Island (1958)
  The Burning Eye (1960)
  A Delivery of Furies (1961)
  Delay on Turtle (1962)
  Black Flamingo (1962)
  The Scorpio Letters (1964)
  Queen’s Pawn (1969)
  The Great Affair (1970)
  The Runaways [Smiler] (1972)
  The Finger of Saturn (1973)
  Flight of the grey goose [Smiler] (1973)
  The Painted Tent [Smiler] (1974)
  The Kingsford Mark (1975)
  The Crimson Chalice [Arthurian trilogy] (1976)
  The Circle of the Gods [Arthurian trilogy] (1977)
  The Immortal Wound [Arthurian trilogy] (1978)
  Fall From Grace (1980)
  The Boy on Platform One (1981)
  Raven’s Wind (1983)
  Table Number Seven (1987)
  Comedies and Whimsies (2007) (2007)
  The Minerva Club, The Department of Patterns and Dr. Kang (2009)
Julian Forest
Other The Wooden Angel (1938)
Alan Gould
Other Two Men Fought (1936)
  Mercy Lane (1937)
  Sanctuary from the Dragon (1938)
  Every Creature of God is Good (1939)
  The Viaduct (1939)
  Atlantic Company (1940)