1882 - 1966

Writing as: R. T. M. Scott

According to Wikipedia: "Reginald Thomas Maitland Scott, (August 14, 1882 - February 5, 1966) was a Canadian author of detective and espionage novels. He signed his works as R.T.M. Scott.

Scott was born in Woodstock, Ontario, in 1882, the son of Alfred Maitland Scott and Elizabeth Bolby Willson. In 1901, he began studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston. He then worked as an engineer in India, Malaysia and from 1908 to 1911 in Ceylon. During the First World War, he served with the rank of captain in a Canadian Expeditionary Force in Belgium. Wounded, he was repatriated to Canada where he ended the war by working in the military administration.

After the war, he settled in New York and began a literary career. In 1920 he published What Bluff Dreams Are Made Of, where secret service agent Aurelius Smith first appears. From the second novel of the series, The Black Magician (1925), Smith became a New York criminologist who, like Sherlock Holmes, a character Scott idolized, received clients in his apartment. In 1935, the popular success of the series gave rise to a radio drama whose scripts were for the most part drafted by Scott himself.

In 1933, Scott wrote the first two novels in the pulp magazine series called The Spider. The series was continued by another author, Norvell Page who wrote under the pseudonym Grant Stockbridge. In 1938, Columbia Pictures made a 15-chapter serial entitled The Spider's Web based on the character, followed in 1941 by The Spider Returns. Scott was also interested in paranormal psychic phenomena and published several articles on the subject."

Series Books
Aurelius 'Secret Service' Smith Such Bluff as Dreams Are Made Of (ss) (1920)
  Magic (ss) (1920)
  Find the Man (ss) (1921)
  Through the Ether (ss) (1922)
  The Rajah of Agh Buthal (ss) (1922)
  The Emerald Earrings (ss) (1922)
  Mystery Mountain (ss) (1922)
  The Towers of Silence (ss) (1922)
  The Trap (ss) (1922)
  Into the East (ss) (1922)
  Secret Service Smith (1923)
  The Emerald Coffin (ss) (1923)
  The Sealed Flask (ss) (1923)
  The Killer (ss) (1923)
  Finger Prints (ss) (1923)
  Hanuman, the Monkey God (ss) (1924)
  Underground (ss) (1924)
  The Black Magician (1925)
  Ann's Crime (1926)
  The Crushed Pearl (ss) (1926)
  Dr. Quintail’s Case (ss) (1926)
  Absolute Pitch (ss) (1927)
  When Thieves Follow (ss) (1927)
  Three Collar Buttons (ss) (1927)
  The Twelve Penny Black (ss) (1927)
  Red Mike (ss) (1927)
  Kicking a Giraffe on the Nose (ss) (1927)
  His Royal Word (ss) (1927)
  Bombay Duck (ss) (1927)
  Pete's Tower (ss) (1927)
  Aurelius Smith - Detective (1927)
  A Drop in Temperature (ss) (1927)
  The Star of Death (1928)
  His Last Shot (ss) (1928)
  Senga of the Club Hibou (ss) (1929)
  The Bird-Cage Mystery (ss) (1930)
  Smith Gets an Assistant (ss) (1930)
  Tower of Doom (ss) (1930)
  Settled at Sea (ss) (1930)
  The Egyptian Necklace (ss) (1931)
  The Return of Secret Service Smith (ss) (1931)
  Murder Stalks The Mayor (1935)
  Mammoth Secret Service Smith (1936)
  The Agony Column Murders (1946)
  The Nameless Ones (1947)