1963 -

Writing as: John Gregory Betancourt

According to Wikipedia: "John Gregory Betancourt (born October 25, 1963) is an American writer of science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels, as well as short stories. He is also known as the founder and publisher, with his wife Kim Betancourt, of Wildside Press in 1989. In 1998, they entered the print on demand (PoD) market and greatly expanded their production. In addition to publishing new novels and short stories, they have undertaken projects to publish new editions of collections of stories that appeared in historic magazines.

Prior to establishing the new business, Betancourt worked as an assistant editor at Amazing Stories and editor of Horror: The Newsmagazine of the Horror Field, the revived Weird Tales magazine, the first issue of H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror (which he subsequently hired Marvin Kaye to edit), Cat Tales magazine (which he subsequently hired George H. Scithers to edit), and Adventure Tales magazine. He worked as a senior editor for Byron Preiss Visual Publications (1989–1996) and iBooks.

Betancourt wrote four Star Trek novels and the new Chronicles of Amber prequel series, as well as a dozen original novels. His essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in such diverse publications as Writer's Digest, The Washington Post, and Amazing Stories."

Series Books
Elim Garak Devil In The Sky (1995)
  The Heart Of The Warrior (1996)
Other Starskimmer [Amazing Stories] (1986)
  Slab's Tavern [Slab's Tavern] (1987)
  Rogue Pirate (1987)
  Johnny Zed (1988)
  The Blind Archer (1988)
  The Dragons of Komako [Dr Bones] (1989)
  Rememory (1990)
  Caesar's Time Legions [Riverworld] (1991)
  Caesar's Time Legions [Dragonflight] (1991)
  Caesar's Time Legions [Riverworld] (1991)
  Caesar's Time Legions [Robert Silverberg's Time Tours] (1991)
  The Dinosaur Trackers [Robert Silverberg's Time Tours] (1991)
  Performance Art (1992)
  Swashbuckling Editor Stories [ed] (1993)
  The Ultimate Zombie [ed] (1993)
  The Ultimate Witch [ed] (1993)
  Playing in Wonderland [col] (1994)
  Cutthroat Island (1995)
  The Best of Weird Tales [ed] (1995)
  The Ultimate Alien [ed] (1995)
  Incident at Arbuk [Star Trek : Voyager] (1995)
  The Heart of the Warrior [Star Trek : Deep Space Nine] (1996)
  The Hag's Contract [Birthright] (1996)
  The Gates of Hades [Hercules] (1997)
  The Vengeance of Hera [Hercules] (1997)
  The Wrath of Poseidon [Hercules] (1997)
  Infection [Star Trek : The Next Generation] (1999)
  Pacifica (2002)
  The Dawn of Amber aka Nine Princes of Chaos [Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber] (2002)
  The Dragon Sorcerer (2003)
  Chaos and Amber [Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber] (2004)
  Pulp Classics: Ghost Stories [ed] (2004)
  Horrorscape 2 [ed] (2005)
  To Rule in Amber [Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber] (2005)
  Shadows of Amber [Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber] (2005)
  The Ultimate Undead [ed] (2006)
  Horror: The Best Of 2005 [ed] (2006)
  Horrorscape [ed] (2006)
  Horror: The Best of the Year, 2006 Edition [ed] (2006)
  Pit on the Road to Hell ['Pit Bull' Peter Geller] (2007)
  On the Rocks at Slab's [Slab's Tavern] (2008)
  A Christmas Pit ['Pit Bull' Peter Geller] (2010)
  Cleaning Up at Slab's [Slab's Tavern] (2010)
  On the Scent at Slab's [Slab's Tavern] (2010)
  Well Bottled at Slab's [Slab's Tavern] (2010)
  Pit and the Pendulum ['Pit Bull' Peter Geller] (2011)
  Short Things [ed] (2019)
  The Ghost Story Megapack [ed] (2020)
  The Second Ghost Story Megapack [ed] (2020)
  The Third Ghost Story Megapack [ed] (2020)