1954 -

Writing as: Nathan Archer, Lawrence Watt-Evans

According to Fantastic Fiction: "Lawrence Watt-Evans is one of the pseudonyms of American science fiction and fantasy author Lawrence Watt Evans (another pseudonym, used primarily for science fiction, is Nathan Archer). Born in Arlington Massachusetts as the fourth of six children, he made his first attempts at professional writing when he was eight.

After graduating from Bedford High School in Bedford, MA, he attended Princeton University but left without a degree. By the rules of Princeton, he could not re-apply for a year, and he resolved to use it to become a writer & began to seriously try to sell his writing, but sold nothing significant until he produced The Lure of the Basilisk in 1978 (published 1980) and thereupon began writing full time. Despite having sold a short story and several articles under his real name, he initially submitted his first novel under a pseudonym; it was the editor of that novel, Lester Del Rey, who first demanded he use his real name and then added the hyphen to create the name Lawrence Watt-Evans. Evans had insisted on including his middle name to avoid confusion with a contemporary non-fiction writer also named Lawrence Evans, and del Rey had then added the hyphen "to make it more distinctive" ."

Series Books
Nathan Archer
Elim Garak Valhalla (1995)
Other Cold War [Predator] (1993)
  Concrete Jungle [Predator] (1995)
  Valhalla [Star Trek : Deep Space Nine] (1995)
  Ragnarok [Star Trek : Voyager] (1995)
  Martian Deathtrap [Mars Attacks] (1996)
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Other The Lure of the Basilisk [Lords of Dus] (1980)
  The Seven Altars of Dusarra [Lords of Dus] (1981)
  The Sword of Bheleu [Lords of Dus] (1982)
  The Cyborg and the Sorcerers [War Surplus] (1982)
  The Book of Silence [Lords of Dus] (1983)
  The Chromosomal Code (1984)
  The Misenchanted Sword [Legend of Ethshar] (1985)
  Shining Steel (1986)
  Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers [short story] [Harry's All-Night Hamburgers] (1987)
  With a Single Spell [Legend of Ethshar] (1987)
  The Wizard and the War Machine [War Surplus] (1987)
  Denner's Wreck aka Among the Powers (1988)
  Nightside City [Nightside City] (1989)
  The Unwilling Warlord [Legend of Ethshar] (1989)
  The Nightmare People [Legend of Ethshar] (1990)
  The Blood of a Dragon [Legend of Ethshar] (1991)
  Crosstime Traffic [col] (1992)
  A Flying Saucer with Minnesota Plates [Harry's All-Night Hamburgers] (1992)
  The Rebirth of Wonder (1992)
  Taking Flight [Legend of Ethshar] (1993)
  The Spell of the Black Dagger [Legend of Ethshar] (1993)
  Split Heirs (1993)
  Out of This World [Three Worlds] (1994)
  In the Empire of Shadow [Three Worlds] (1995)
  The Reign of the Brown Magician [Three Worlds] (1996)
  Touched by the Gods (1997)
  Spirit Dump (1998)
  Dragon Weather [Obsidian Chronicles] (1999)
  Night of Madness [Legend of Ethshar] (2000)
  The Dragon Society [Obsidian Chronicles] (2001)
  Ithanalin's Restoration [Legend of Ethshar] (2002)
  Celestial Debris [col] (2002)
  Dragon Venom [Obsidian Chronicles] (2003)
  The Spartacus File (2005)
  The Wizard Lord [Annals of the Chosen] (2006)
  The Spriggan Mirror [Legend of Ethshar] (2006)
  The Ninth Talisman [Annals of the Chosen] (2007)
  The Summer Palace [Annals of the Chosen] (2008)
  The Vondish Ambassador [Legend of Ethshar] (2008)
  A Young Man Without Magic [Fall of the Sorcerers] (2009)
  Realms of Light [Nightside City] (2010)
  Above His Proper Station [Fall of the Sorcerers] (2010)
  The Final Folly of Captain Dancy [col] (2011)
  One-Eyed Jack (2011)
  In the Blood [col] (2011)
  The Unwelcome Warlock [Legend of Ethshar] (2012)
  The Unwelcome Warlock [Legend of Ethshar] (2012)
  The Wildside Book of Fantasy [col] (2012)
  Vika's Avenger (2013)
  The Sorcerer's Widow [Legend of Ethshar] (2013)
  Relics of War [Legend of Ethshar] (2014)
  Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship [Adventures of Tom Derringer] (2014)
  Hazmat & Other Toxic Stories [col] (2016)
  Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror [Adventures of Tom Derringer] (2017)
  The Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy MEGAPACK [col] (2017)
  Stone Unturned [Legend of Ethshar] (2018)
  Tom Derringer and the Steam-Powered Saurians [Adventures of Tom Derringer] (2020)
  Tom Derringer and the Electrical Empire [Adventures of Tom Derringer] (2022)
  The Final Folly of Captain Dancy & Other Tall Tales [col] (2023)
  Charming Sharra [Legend of Ethshar] (2023)