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Writing as: Nina Bangs

An American writer of Romance novels as well as stories about the paranormal. Ms. Bangs was born in San Antonio, Texas but grew up in New Jersey. She taught second grade for several years before heading to Ireland for a couple, earning a living singing in pubs. When she returned to the States, she resumed teaching elementary school but before too long, her desire to roam took over and she spent time in other states before settling in her birth state where she resides now.

Series Books
B.L.I.S.S. From Boardwalk With Love (2003)
Other An Original Sin [Wink and a Kiss] (1999)
  The Pleasure Master (2001)
  Night Games (2002)
  Master of Ecstasy [MacKenzie Vampires] (2004)
  Night Bites [MacKenzie Vampires] (2005)
  Wicked Nights [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2005)
  Wicked Pleasure [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2006)
  A Taste of Darkness [MacKenzie Vampires] (2006)
  Wicked Fantasy [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2007)
  Eternal Pleasure [Gods of the Night] (2008)
  One Bite Stand [MacKenzie Vampires] (2008)
  My Wicked Vampire [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2009)
  Eternal Craving [Gods of the Night] (2009)
  Eternal Prey [Gods of the Night] (2010)
  Wicked Edge [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2012)
  Wicked Whispers [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2012)
  Color Me Wicked [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2012)
  Hot Summer Bites [Castle of Dark Dreams] (2012)