1933 - 2003

Writing as: Marc Olden

Marc Olden was an American author of mystery and suspense. He is perhaps best remembered for his mystery Poe Must Die, in which 19th-century American author Edgar Allan Poe appears as a protagonist. He was a prolific author, publishing forty books: two non-fiction and thirty-eight fiction.

He was nominated for an Edgar Award for They've Killed Anna, from his popular "Harker File" series about an investigative reporter. In 2000, the Black Caucus of the American Library Association presented Olden with the Literary Fiction Honor Award for his New York crime novel The Ghost.

Olden was born to African-American parents in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was graphic designer Georg Olden, his mother was actress and model Courtenaye Olden. After Georg was hired as art director for CBS, the Oldens moved to New York City. Olden graduated from Queens College.

Series Books
Black Samurai The Black Samurai (1974)
  The Golden Kill (1974)
  Killer Warrior (1974)
  The Deadly Pearl (1974)
  The Inquisition (1974)
  The Warlock (1975)
  Sword Of Allah (1975)
  The Katana (1975)
Other Angela Davis [NF] (1973)
  Cocaine [NF] (1973)
  Narc [Narc] (1973)
  Death of a Courier [Narc] (1974)
  Kill the Dragon [Narc] (1974)
  The Delgado Killings [Narc] (1974)
  Death List [Narc] (1974)
  Kill for It [Narc] (1975)
  The Beauty Kill [Narc] (1975)
  Corsican Death [Narc] (1975)
  Death Song [Narc] (1975)
  Dead and Paid For [Harker File] (1976)
  The Harker File [Harker File] (1976)
  They’ve Killed Anna [Harker File] (1977)
  Wellington's (1977)
  Poe Must Die (1978)
  The Informant (1978)
  Kill the Reporter [Harker File] (1978)
  Gossip (1979)
  Book of Shadows (1980)
  Choices (1980)
  Giri (1982)
  A Dangerous Glamour (1982)
  The Unvanquished (1983)
  Dai-sho (1983)
  Gaijin (1986)
  Oni (1987)
  Sword of Vengeance (1990)
  Kisaeng (1991)
  Krait (1992)
  Fear's Justice (1996)
  The Ghost (1999)