Writing as: Candice Ransom

According to part of the delightful bio on her website: "When I was ten and adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “Writer-detective-veterinarian-artist.”  Secretly, I really wanted to be a ballet dancer.  But I lived in the country, where dance classes might as well have been held on the moon.

While other kids played kickball and softball in the summer, I slopped hogs and swatted gnats in our hot garden. I hiked in our woods and could name every bird by its song and every tree by its bark, yet I was feverishly jealous of my town cousins, who had sidewalks to ride their bikes on.

I wrote my first book at age seven.  I’d read all the books on the second-grade shelf in our tiny school library. One day on the bus home, I took out a sheet of notebook paper and wrote the immortal sentence, “It was dark.” My career as a writer was launched."

Series Books
Time Spies Secret In The Tower (2006)
  Bones In The Badlands (2006)
  Giant In The Garden (2007)
  Signals In The Sky (2007)
  Magician In The Trunk (2007)
  Horses In The Wind (2007)
  Rider In The Night (2007)
  Flames In The City (2008)
  Message In The Mountain (2008)
  Gold In The Hills (2008)
Other The Silvery Past (1983)
  Amanda [Sunfire] (1984)
  Susannah [Sunfire] (1984)
  Kathleen [Sunfire] (1985)
  Emily [Sunfire] (1985)
  Breaking the Rules [Chrystal Falls] (1985)
  Sabrina [Sunfire] (1986)
  Nicole [Sunfire] (1986)
  Blackbird Keep (1986)
  Fourteen and Holding [Roberts, Kobie] (1987)
  Fifteen at Last [Roberts, Kobie] (1987)
  Kaleidoscope [Crosswinds] (1987)
  Cat's Cradle (1987)
  Going on Twelve [Roberts, Kobie] (1988)
  My Sister the Meanie (1988)
  Millicent the Magnificent (1989)
  Today Fifth Grade, Tomorrow the World (1989)
  My Sister the Traitor (1989)
  Almost Ten and a Half [Roberts, Kobie] (1990)
  Thirteen [Roberts, Kobie] (1990)
  My Sister the Creep (1990)
  There's One in Every Family (1990)
  The Love Charm (1991)
  Funniest Sixth Grade Video Ever (1991)
  Sixth-grade High (1991)
  Ladies and Jellybeans (1991)
  Shooting Star Summer (1992)
  Third Grade Stars [Tales from Third Grade] (1993)
  Who Needs Third Grade? [Tales from Third Grade] (1993)
  Why Are Boys So Weird? [Tales from Third Grade] (1993)
  We're Growing Together (1993)
  The Big Green Pocketbook (1993)
  Listening to Crickets [NF] (1993)
  So Young to Die [NF] (1993)
  Third Grade Detectives [Tales from Third Grade] (1994)
  Jimmy Crack Corn (1994)
  The Spitball Class (1994)
  Between Two Worlds (1994)
  More Than a Name (1994)
  One Christmas Dawn (1994)
  When the Whippoorwill Calls (1995)
  Hocus, Pocus After School (1996)
  Teacher's Pest (1996)
  Fire in the Sky (1996)
  The Man on Stilts (1997)
  Danger At Dolphin Point [NF] (1997)
  The Christmas Dolls (1998)
  Children of the Civil War [NF] (1998)
  Danger At Sand Cave (2000)
  Rescue On the Outer Banks [NF] (2000)
  Mother Teresa [NF] (2000)
  Goldilocks and the Three Bears (2001)
  Little Red Riding Hood (2001)
  Promise Quilt (2002)
  Maria Von Trapp [NF] (2002)
  George Washington [NF] (2002)
  Lewis and Clark [NF] (2002)
  Clara Barton [NF] (2002)
  Liberty Street (2003)
  Martha Washington [NF] (2003)
  Willie Mclean and the Civil War Surrender (2004)
  Big Rigs (2004)
  John Hancock [NF] (2004)
  Key to the Griffon's Lair [Knights of the Silver Dragon] (2005)
  Sam Collier and the Founding of Jamestown (2005)
  I Like Shoes (2005)
  Daniel Boone [NF] (2005)
  Robert E. Lee [NF] (2005)
  Finding Day's Bottom (2006)
  Seeing Sky-Blue Pink (2007)
  Tractor Day (2007)
  The Day of the Black Blizzard [On My Own History] (2009)
  The Night of the Hurricane's Fury [On My Own History] (2009)
  Pony Island (2009)
  The Old Blue Pickup Truck (2009)
  Hello, Virginia! (2010)
  Big Rigs on the Move (2010)
  The Life-saving Adventure of Sam Deal, Shipwreck Rescuer (2010)
  Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution? (2010)
  The Twelve Days of Christmas in Washington, D.C. (2010)
  Scrapbooking Just for You! [NF] (2010)
  The Rescue Adventure of Stenny Green, Hindenburg Crash Eyewitness (2011)
  Hello, Washington, D.C.! (2011)
  The Underground Adventure of Arly Dunbar, Cave Explorer (2011)
  George Washington and the Story of the U.S. Constitution [NF] (2011)
  What Was the Continental Congress? [NF] (2011)
  Why Did English Settlers Come to Virginia? [NF] (2011)
  Iva Honeysuckle Discovers the World [Iva Honeysuckle] (2012)
  Rebel McKenzie (2012)
  Iva Honeysuckle Meets Her Match [Iva Honeysuckle] (2013)
  Endangered and Extinct Amphibians [Animals in Danger] (2014)
  Tools and Treasures of Ancient China [NF] (2014)
  Parts of a Flower (2015)
  Pumpkin Day! (2015)
  Apple Picking Day! (2016)
  Tooth Fairy's Night (2017)
  Amanda Panda Quits Kindergarten (2017)
  Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday (2018)
  Snow Day! (2018)
  Chocolate Chip Cookies (2018)
  French Fries (2018)
  James Madison [NF] (2018)
  Thomas Jefferson [NF] (2018)
  Pembroke Welsh Corgis (2019)
  Garden Day! (2019)
  How Aircraft Carriers Work [NF] (2019)
  How Fighter Jets Work [NF] (2019)
  Let's Explore the Five Senses (2020)
  Let's Explore the Sense of Smell (2020)
  Let's Explore the Sense of Touch (2020)
  Bones in the White House (2020)
  Beach Day! (2020)
  Eerie Haunted Houses (2020)
  Legendary Bigfoot (2020)
  Mysterious Loch Ness Monster (2020)
  Go, Go, Tractors! (2021)
  Only Margaret (2021)
  Grandparents Day! (2022)
  Race for First Place (2022)
  School Day! (2022)
  Monsters in a Mess (2022)
  Graduation Day! (2023)