Writing as: Josh Lanyon

According to the bio on her website: "Author of 100+ titles of Gay Mystery and M/M Romance, Josh Lanyon has built a literary legacy on twisty mystery, kickass adventure, and unapologetic man-on-man romance.

Her work has been translated into fourteen languages. The FBI thriller Fair Game was the first Male/Male title to be published by Italy’s Harlequin Mondadori and Stranger on the Shore (Harper Collins Italia) was the first M/M title to be published in print. In 2016 Fatal Shadows placed #5 in Japan’s annual Boy Love novel list (the first and only title by a Western author to place on the list). The Adrien English series was awarded the All-Time Favorite Couple by the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. In 2019, Fatal Shadows became the first LGBTQ mobile game created by Moments: Choose Your Story.

Josh is an EPIC Award winner, a four-time Lambda Literary Award finalist (twice for Gay Mystery), an Edgar nominee, and the first ever recipient of the Goodreads All Time Favorite M/M Author award.

Josh is married and lives in Southern California with her irascible husband (AKA Kevin Burton Smith of The Thrilling Detective Website), two adorable dogs, a small garden, and an ever-expanding library of vintage mystery destined to eventually crush them all beneath its weight."

Series Books
Mark Hardwicke I Spy Something Wicked (ss) (2011)
  I Spy Something Bloody (ss) (2011)
  I Spy Something Christmas (ss) (2011)
  I Spy... (2017)
Other I'll Be Dead For Christmas [Partners in Crime] (2007)
  Boy Meets Body [Partners in Crime] (2007)
  The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks (2008)
  Death of a Pirate King [Adrien English] (2008)
  Mexican Heat [Crimes & Cocktails] (2008)
  Footsteps in the Dark [Partners in Crime] (2008)
  Committed to Memory [Partners in Crime] (2009)
  Strange Fortune (2009)
  The Art of Dying [Partners in Crime] (2009)
  The Dark Tide [Adrien English] (2010)
  Fair Game [All's Fair] (2010)
  Somebody Killed His Editor [Holmes & Moriarity] (2010)
  Snowball in Hell [Doyle & Spain] (2011)
  Mummy Dearest [XOXO Files] (2011)
  Old Poison [Dangerous Ground] (2011)
  All She Wrote [Holmes & Moriarity] (2011)
  The Hell You Say [Adrien English] (2011)
  The White Knight [Dark Horse] (2012)
  Blood Heat [Dangerous Ground] (2012)
  A Vintage Affair (2012)
  The Darkling Thrush (2012)
  Dangerous Ground [Dangerous Ground] (2012)
  Fatal Shadows [Adrien English] (2012)
  A Dangerous Thing [Adrien English] (2012)
  Stranger Things Have Happened [Adrien English] (2013)
  Dead Run [Dangerous Ground] (2013)
  Kick Start [Dangerous Ground] (2013)
  Blood Red Butterfly (2013)
  This Rough Magic [Shot in the Dark] (2013)
  Winter [Haunted Heart] (2013)
  Merry Christmas, Darling [Holiday Codas] (2013)
  Fair Play [All's Fair] (2014)
  Stranger on the Shore (2014)
  The Boy With The Painful Tattoo [Holmes & Moriarity] (2014)
  Short Stories (2015)
  Murder in Pastel (2015)
  Jefferson Blythe, Esquire (2015)
  The Mermaid Murders [Art of Murder] (2016)
  So This is Christmas [Adrien English] (2016)
  The Curse of the Blue Scarab (2016)
  If Only in My Dreams (2017)
  Christmas Waltz [Holiday Codas] (2017)
  Fair Chance [All's Fair] (2017)
  The Monet Murders [Art of Murder] (2017)
  Seance on a Summer's Night (2018)
  Murder Takes the High Road (2018)
  In Other Words... Murder [Holmes & Moriarity] (2018)
  The Magician Murders [Art of Murder] (2018)
  The Monuments Men Murders [Art of Murder] (2019)
  I Buried a Witch [Bedknobs and Broomsticks] (2019)
  Mainly by Moonlight [Bedknobs and Broomsticks] (2019)
  Murder at Pirate's Cove [Secrets and Scrabble] (2020)
  Blind Side [Dangerous Ground] (2020)
  Secret at Skull House [Secrets and Scrabble] (2020)
  Bell, Book and Scandal [Bedknobs and Broomsticks] (2021)
  Body at Buccaneer's Bay [Secrets and Scrabble] (2021)
  Scandal at the Salty Dog [Secrets and Scrabble] (2021)
  Mystery at the Masquerade [Secrets and Scrabble] (2021)
  The Movie-Town Murders [Art of Murder] (2022)
  Death at the Deep Dive [Secrets and Scrabble] (2022)
  Hide and Seek (2022)
  Lament at Loon Landing [Secrets and Scrabble] (2023)
  44.1644 North (2023)
  Puzzle for Two (2023)
  The 12.2 Per-Cent Solution [Holmes & Moriarity] (2024)
  Hex in the City [Bedknobs and Broomsticks] (2024)