Writing as: Lynn Morrison

According to the bio on her website: "I believe it was Plato who said that necessity is the mother of all invention. In the case of my writing career, that statement is 100% true. I fell into writing when I moved to the Netherlands with an eight-week old baby in tow. Neither my husband nor I spoke Dutch, and we didn’t have the first clue what questions we needed to ask to get the information we needed to survive as expat parents.

After a year of learning my way around the Netherlands, I wanted to help other families avoid the same problem. I convinced my partner-in-crime to launch an expat parenting website with me. We designed and built it from scratch, and my writing career was launched. It wasn’t long afterwards that I decided to branch out, writing less about Dutch daycares and more about my own trials and tribulations as a woman, wife and mother.

Fictional writing followed along when I realised that a tweak here and there, or even a broad extension of the truth could sometimes move a personal story from meh to wow. I was well and truly hooked.

Nowadays, I write fiction when the stories in my head become too exciting to ignore. I love starting with a central character – always a powerful, confident woman – and then seeing what happens when I turn her life upside down.

When I need a break from my imagination, I write nonfiction: How To guides, freelance articles and blog posts."

Series Books
Dora & Rex Murder, I Spy (2023)
  The Missing Agent (2023)
  Death Undercover (2023)
  Double Cross Dead (2023)
  Murder At The Front (ss) (2023)
  The Cryptic Cold Case (2024)
  The Cryptic Cold Case (2024)
Other Murder at St Margaret [Oxford Key] (2020)
  Burglary at Barnard [Oxford Key] (2020)
  Arson at the Ashmolean [Oxford Key] (2020)
  Sabotage at Somerset [Oxford Key] (2021)
  The Eternal Investigator [Oxford Key] (2021)
  Raven's Influence [Midlife in Raven] (2021)
  Raven's Joy [Midlife in Raven] (2021)
  Stakes and Spells [Stakes and Spells] (2021)
  Spells and Fangs [Stakes and Spells] (2021)
  Post Mortem at Padua [Oxford Key] (2022)
  Homicide at Holly Manor [Oxford Key] (2022)
  Raven's Matriarch [Midlife in Raven] (2022)
  Raven's Storm [Midlife in Raven] (2022)
  Fangs and Cauldrons [Stakes and Spells] (2022)
  A Queen Only Lives Twice [Wandering Witch] (2022)