1931 -

Writing as: Clive Cussler

Born in Aurora, Illinois, but growing up in Alhambra, California, Clive Cussler attended Pasadena City College before he enlisted in the USAF during the Korean War. He worked there as an aircraft mechanic on their military transports. When he left the military, he moved into the advertising business and made that his career, eventually becoming creative director for two of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. One source indicated he started writing in the mid-60's when his wife took a night job for the local police department and, after feeding the children in the evening, he was left with no one to talk to so he took up the pen. His most famous character, Dirk Pitt, was named after his son.

Series Books
Kurt Austin Serpent (1999)
  Blue Gold (2000)
  Fire Ice (2002)
  White Death (2003)
  Lost City (2004)
  Polar Shift (2005)
  The Navigator (2007)
  Medusa (2009)
  Devil's Gate (2011)
  The Storm (2012)
  Zero Hour (2013)
  Ghost Ship (2014)
  The Pharaoh's Secret (2016)
  Nighthawk (2017)
  The Rising Sea (2018)
  Sea of Greed (2018)
  Journey of the Pharoahs (2020)
  Dark Vector (2022)
The Oregon Files Golden Buddha (2003)
  Sacred Stone (2004)
  Dark Watch (2005)
  Skeleton Coast (2006)
  Plague Ship (2008)
  Corsair (2009)
  The Silent Sea (2010)
  The Jungle (2011)
  Mirage (2012)
  Piranha (2015)
  The Emperor's Revenge (2016)
  Typhoon Fury (2017)
  Shadow Tyrants (2018)
  Final Option (2019)
  Marauder (2020)
  Hellburner (2022)
  Fire Strike (2023)
Dirk Pitt The Mediterranean Caper (1973)
  Iceberg (1975)
  Raise The Titanic (1976)
  Vixen 03 (1978)
  Night Probe (1981)
  Pacific Vortex (1982)
  Deep Six (1984)
  Cyclops (1986)
  Treasure (1988)
  Dragon (1990)
  Sahara (1992)
  Inca Gold (1994)
  Shock Wave (1996)
  Flood Tide (1997)
  Clive Cussler And Dirk Pitt Revealed (1998)
  Atlantis Found (1999)
  Valhalla Rising (2001)
  Trojan Odyssey (2004)
  Poseidon's Arrow (2012)
  Havana Storm (2014)
  Odessa Sea (2016)
  Celtic Empire (2019)
Other The Chase [Isaac Bell] (2007)
  The Wrecker [Isaac Bell] (2009)
  Spartan Gold [Fargo] (2009)
  The Spy [Isaac Bell] (2010)
  Lost Empire [Fargo] (2010)
  The Race [Isaac Bell] (2011)
  The Kingdom [Fargo] (2011)
  The Thief [Isaac Bell] (2012)
  The Tombs [Fargo] (2012)
  The Striker [Isaac Bell] (2013)