1950 -

Writing as: Kirk Mitchell, Joel Norst

According to the bio on Fantastic Fiction: "Kirk Mitchell is a veteran of law enforcement in Indian country. An Edgar Award nominee, he lives in the Sierra Nevada of California."

Series Books
Kirk Mitchell
Other Procurator [Procurator] (1984)
  A. D. Anno Domini (1985)
  The New Barbarians [Procurator] (1986)
  Never the Twain (1987)
  Black Dragon (1988)
  Cry Republic [Procurator] (1989)
  With Siberia Comes a Chill (1990)
  Backdraft (1991)
  Blown Away (1994)
  Shadow on the Valley (1994)
  High Desert Malice [Dee Laguerre] (1995)
  Fredericksburg (1996)
  Deep Valley Malice [Dee Laguerre] (1996)
  Cry Dance [Emmett Parker] (1999)
  Spirit Sickness [Emmett Parker] (2000)
  Ancient Ones [Emmett Parker] (2001)
  Sky Woman Falling [Emmett Parker] (2003)
  Dance of the Thunder Dogs [Emmett Parker] (2004)
Joel Norst
Scott McCoy The Delta Force (1986)
Other Lethal Weapon (1987)
  Colors (1988)
  Mississippi Burning (1988)