1917 - 2005

Writing as: Ted Allbeury, Richard Butler, Patrick Kelly

Born and raised in England, Mr. Allbeury got his first job working in a foundary. His interests in languages, however, made him an attractive candidate for the Intelligence community when WWII began. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the time the conflict ended. He tried his hand at a variety of jobs including sales, advertising, and farming. When asked for advice in how to keep an offshore radio station running, he jumped in and stayed in that line for several years. When it came to an end, he turned to writing, using some of his experiences in the War as plots.

Series Books
Ted Allbeury
Tad Anders Snowball (1974)
  Palomino Blonde (1975)
  The Judas Factor (1984)
Other A Choice Of Enemies (1973)
  The Special Collection (1975)
  Moscow Quadrille (1976)
  The Only Good German aka Mission Berlin (1976)
  The Man With The President's Mind (1977)
  The Lantern Network (1978)
  The Alpha List (1979)
  Consequences Of Fear aka Smokescreen (1979)
  The Reaper aka The Stalking Angel (1980)
  The Twentier Day Of January (1980)
  The Other Side Of Silence (1981)
  The Secret Whispers (1981)
  All Our Tomorrows (1982)
  Shadow of Shadows (1982)
  Pay Any Price (1983)
  No Place To Hide (1984)
  The Girl From Addis (1984)
  Children Of Tender Years (1985)
  The Seeds Of Treason (1986)
  The Crossing aka Berlin Exchange (1987)
  A Wilderness Of Mirrors (1988)
  Deep Purple (1989)
  A Time Without Shadows (1990)
  The Dangerous Edge (1991)
  Show Me A Hero (1992)
  The Line-Crosser (1993)
  As Time Goes By (1994)
  Beyond The Silence (1995)
  The Long Run (1996)
  Aid and Comfort (1997)
  Shadow of a Doubt (1998)
  The Reckoning (1999)
  The Assets (2000)
Richard Butler
Other Italian Assets (1987)
  Where All The Girls Are Sweeter (1987)
Patrick Kelly
Other Codeword Cromwell (1980)
  The Lonely Margins (1981)